Into The Eye of The Storm-Hurricane Harvey and Danny Sessoms-

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

Tijo goes live with Danny Sessoms, the man behind the Bitcoin funded rescue efforts.

Over the last few years, Danny Sessoms and The Crypto Show have been working with Unsung. org and DASH to help people in the Austin, Texas area.

Their past efforts have provided food for homeless people and now they have moved on to watercraft rescues and supplies drops in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Danny certainly has some interesting insights into how Cryptocurrency is perceived by most of the American public.

Click on the video below to listen to the interview

One of the best things about using cryptocurrency in situations like this is the reaction time. The Crypto Show Team was able to organize, mobilize, and get on the scene right as the disaster was taking place without having to wait for the donated funds to filter down through any bureaucracies.

Shout out to The Crypto Show for all their hard work

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I love to hear of positive things happening like this within the crypto community. Just fantastic. Things like this can really help give cryptocurrencies a massive boost around the globe. UPVOTED AND FOLLOWING!

That's really nice. God bless

Good for Danny Sessoms and! Really enjoyed your interview, @thearcanebear.