Magic Dice: The first Steem Dice Game


What is Magic Dice?

(Magic Dice) is a provably fair and transparent dice game built on the Steem blockchain. The transfer of money between the game and your account is facilitated through SteemConnect/Keychain. All the money you win is visible in your account, within 3 seconds of winning it. This is due to the fast 3 Second block times of Steem. Cool, isn’t it?

How can I play?

You can play the game with both your Steem and SBD. When you sign in through Steemconnect or Keychain, you can clearly see the options, your balance, and your betting history, as this is readily visible on the (Magic Dice) front page. The great thing is that you can play from as little as 0.1 Steem or SBD.


Provably Fair

The Random numbers for the dice rolls in magic dice are generated by the use of two seeds: Server seed and client seed. The server seed is hashed and posted to the Steem blockchain. Every player can choose their own client seed.

Since the server seed hash is published into the blockchain, every minute, and before every dice roll, there is no way for (Magic Dice) to alter the outcome without the verification failing.

To ensure this is the case, every bet, dice roll and transaction is recorded on the Steem blockchain. Also, after use, all generated server seeds are published to the Steem blockchain.

This means that any player or third party can verify the integrity and fairness of the game


Another great feature of Magic Dice is that as you play, you earn Magic Tokens. So what? The cool thing about these tokens earns you a share of 40% of all MD profits daily. (Relative to your share out of the total tokens).

(Click here to get started playing and earning on Magic Dice!)

Video Tutorial Below from a fellow Steemit community member: @hilarski Check him out great content

(So, play and have fun!)

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If you liked this, you should totally Try this game. It's really fun and another great way to earn dividends.

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Awesome post! definitely trying it out!

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It’s a dumb blockchain dice game that uses steem... so that’s cool that the platform is adding dapps. Instead of shooting 1700 comments that say scam. Give an argument, and if it’s true, then it ought to be upvoted. Isn’t that the point of steem?
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this is great man! I love magic dice so far, it's going to be a big platform for the steem community!

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