Review – Legit Bitcoin Faucet or Scam? Review – Legit Bitcoin Faucet or Scam? is an online Bitcoin faucet that enables investors the ability to earn bitcoins and participate in weekly lottery drawings. Individuals who are looking to generate additional Satoshi and Bitcoin earnings are able solve captchas in order to accrue these earnings. While the site doesn’t rely upon initial deposits to be performed by new registered users, members are able to deposit Satoshi into their platform to generate interest on their deposits.

Hosting their platform to over 10 million registered users is quite an impressive feat. Naturally the success of FreeBitcoin has made them a target to speculative accusations and ridicule. Despite the allegations pending against some of Free Bitcoin’s features we will take a neutral yet practical approach while laying out the facts for you to decide whether this platform is one that is worth your time or not.

freebitco-in.jpg - Free Bitcoin
What is
Free Bitcoin is not a Bitcoin mining, investment or generating operation like we have grown accustomed to crossing paths with. Instead, their platform is an online Bitcoin faucet that features games, weekly lotteries and the ability to earn bitcoins every hour. Since their inception in late 2013, has grown their operation into a Bitcoin destination that supports more than 10.5 million users, has shelled out over 130,000 in Bitcoin earnings and has amassed over 100 million visitors each month.

What does Offer? is mostly known for their faucet based operational model where registered users solve and complete captchas in order to generate satoshi which they can later turn into Bitcoin. Perhaps equally as popular but often the subject of ridicule would be their gambling and lottery platform where users are able to cash in their satoshi earnings or free tickets in the attempts of multiplying their risked amount.

Featuring provably fair hi-lo games, a generous referral program along with providing an outlet to amass satoshi earnings to later convert to Bitcoin has enabled this platform to acquire millions of users over the past few years. As of December 7th, 2017, the site claims to have over 58.6 billion games played on their platform while dishing out thousands of bitcoins to winners and those who converted their satoshi earnings to bitcoins.

Red Flags and Complaints
While the odds portrayed on the site seem promising regarding these gambling like features, community feedback has been quite negative and outspoken regarding their experience. For instance, some of the lottery games featured at claim to provide the user with a 47.5% percent chance of winning while some consumer reports have been found to report 20 to 30 consecutive losses on some of those gambling games offered on the site.

On the contrary though, very little adverse feedback can be found in regards to registered users not being able to earn satoshi or withdraw their earnings through the platform. Which is saying quite a bit since this platform is home to millions of users who are earning endless sums of satoshi every hour or taking their chances and winning big in the weekly lottery or jackpot games.

Analyzing the Facts is one of the few legitimate cryptocurrency sites that doesn’t require an initial deposit to join their platform. Users who register through their site are able to generate 3,500 satoshi in earnings every hour for an unlimited duration of time. Even though the earning ceiling is considerably low through their platform, members are able to spend their earnings and utilize free tickets in the attempts to accrue more earnings through jackpot drawings.

Used by over 10 million users it is hard to argue the legitimacy of this operation. While negative complaints continue to surface regarding their lottery based game it is becoming apparent that perhaps their lottery games aren’t the best avenue to invest your earnings through. Our two cents on the matter would be to utilize your time wisely and solely accrue as many satoshi as you can in a fixed time frame and stay consistent with their platform. The satoshi earnings will amass overtime and allow you to generate a good sum of Bitcoin earnings.

Can FreeBitcoin be Trusted? is a trustworthy operation and we recommend their platform to any individual who has extra time to spare in order to accrue additional earnings. It should be noted that since this is a Bitcoin faucet and that the completion of captchas will be required that you should have a solid anti-malware system downloaded on your computer to help prevent any possible computer viruses from inhabiting your processing system.

Popularity is a popular Bitcoin destination that reflects a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,904 during the time of writing this review (December 2017). On average the website receives over 100 million visitors per month and has been growing exponentially over the past 6 months. The site is ranked #2 among all Lottery sites and is most popular in Russia. Other countries where FreeBitcoin is popular include Ukraine, Brazil, India and Venezuela.

We expect to continue in growth as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become more reputable, understood and sought after. Review Conclusion
Not often are we confronted with a legitimate earning opportunity in the cryptocurrency domain. is a reputable online platform used by million of individuals looking to earn additional satoshi and Bitcoin earnings. While the payouts may not be that high, those of you who have extra time of your hands can greatly benefit by amassing your earnings over time.

Do you agree with Josh's conclusion? Please feel free to share any thoughts, experiences or feedback you may possess regarding Free Bitcoin by leaving a comment below.

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This site is legit i initally deposited 500k satoshi and quadrupled it within an hour with the multiply game. and for every 1k satoshi gambled in the game you get 1 reward point and 1 lottery ticket. the rewards points can be used for bonuses and there are three bonuses for lottery tickets, satoshi from the free roll, and rewards points. you also get more bonus base satoshi per roll when you gamble alot in the multiply game. This site is legit i use it for some quick cash every now and again

Ayyy That's awesome congrats keep investing and growing your BTC!

Why would anyone think it's can be scam?
I can say that is oldest bitcoin faucet with almost 5 million users, they paid thousands of bitcoins for their users and they still adding more great features to their site.Everything is verified on the blockchain. The answer is definitely legit.

la verdad no conozco mucho de esa pagina pero según el post trae grandes beneficios, creo que es momento de indagar mas sobre la dicha pagina

I've been using this site for a year. Does exactly what it says it does. So far this is the only BTC earning site that has been successful for me. Definitely recommend. I was going to write a post on this lol, beat me to it. Great content

You should definetly make your post. I think this site needs some more visability. Really solid

I don't like Freebitcoin since you know they are targeted at making as much as possible out of you gambling but at the end you lose the most money, thats the basic way to describe it

No one forces you to gamble... You can just stack up :)

No one can win on this site, Who would give you BTC for free! NEVER!. It is a java site, and you will lose at the end you are Guaranteed by they win-loss ratio. Unless you are earning referrals credits, individually you will never claim enough for withdrawal , whose minimumm is 30,000 satoshies. It would take you a year or so - rewards keeps on declining as you claim and each claim takes an hour - so at most you can do 12 in a day or you stay up the whole day, and that is an impossibility.
I used the site for months, and most times do multiple - works good first ten or so rolls at 60/50 , if you do not stop , you will lose.
I also place lottery thousands of satoshies and never worn anything.

It is not free, it's paid by advertisement
And yes he pays out
But I admit the payout threshold is a bit excessive, blame BTC transaction costs, not freebitcoin

Tengo algun tiempo con la cuenta freebitcoin y he ganado algo en satoshi aunque les confiezo que en el juego a veces me quedo enviciada y es muy emocionante cuando ganas uff sube la adrenalina un monton, me parece que es facil ganar unos cuantos satoshi llevando el ritmo a la apuesta de jugada.

I used this website for a year. It's legit. this is truly an amazing article! Great job! I have now a lot of informations, thanks to You! I wish You a great day!

Thanks for the insight. Been looking into this platform, but still poking around. your post...I actually posted about a similar topic 2 years back. Busy running a script to trick a Bitcoin HI-LO game

Anyone used this site? I am very hesitant when it comes to "good faucets" nevermind bitcoin (The most valuable crypto on the market by far).

Currently I use Crowdholding, they are a co-creation platform were you give feedback to tasks from startups, or take part in bounties and airdrops.

Their token is listed on CoinMarketCap, got over 33k signups and over 80 projects on the platform. I only see these guys slowly but surely becoming more and more valuable and they are a sleeping giant right now.

Has anyone tried storing their Bitcoin there just for earning interest? I don't mean using their gambling game.

I kept the bitcoins there. Everything is good.

I have used them for several years and they never have collapsed from the dreaded faucet apocalypse's. I still use them today, even when I don't necessarily have to. They are truly reliable and that's the first faucet I recommend for people inching their way into crypto.


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I have tried alot on this website but it is not paying enough

Maybe it's just your start keep pushx u will go to higher heights

Im thinking that freebitco is not legit really. Freebitcoin site is legit. I think

Thanks for the article!

There is also a way to get ethereum (ETH) every day (not a faucet) on a regular basis: ,
I am currently trying the Freebitco,Cointiply, and Crypto Browser.

Crypto Browser is legit because I already withdraw a multiple times.

But in Freebitco and Cointiply, i am still waiting to reach the amount where I can get a daily interest. Probably it will take a long time but once I reach that goal then I am going to withdraw to prove it's legitimacy.

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Looking forward for your support as a fellow Steemian.

I confirm that I have withdrawn from Cointply. However I need ideas on how to grow my referrals.

es buena pagina he conseguido varios miles de sastoshi apostando y aprovechando cada hora para darle a la ruleta para ganarme algunos BTC de forma gratuita la recomiendo

You can also maximize reward per claim ( up to 30x ) by follow my article:

Its a legit site to earn some bitcoins.

I have one account in freebitcoin

This sites are legit. All who wants to earn free btc can sign up and receive bonuses.

How do one earn there plaese, I don't know what is all about.

Yap , you can NEVER win on that site, Who would give you BTC for free! NEVER. It is a java site, and you will lose at the end you Guaranteedd by they win-loss ratio. Unless earning referrals , personally, you will never claim enough for withdrawal 30,000 sthoshies - would take you a year or so - rewards keeps on declining as you claim and each claim takes an hours - so at most you can do 12 in a day or you say up whole day, and that is an impsoibility.

Don't play the gambling game for more than 2 hours per day otherwise it will get you. The best way to earn is via referrals.

I wouldn't use it myself, but it does seem legit.

The site is legit I've used it for over a year now as far as walking away And winning anything It's never happened.

Yo lo uso actualmente, pero ya no da mucha recompensa. Nunca he sacada mas de 100 satoshis y dificilmente se gana en el apartado de la loteria.

Great review! I have been using it for the past year and a half, I have to say it is awesome!
I lost some Satoshis with betting so I stay away from it, but I already made the money back in free claims and interests 😊!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Its legit but... 2 months for 30000 satoshi ...

I signed up just a couple of days ago and so far, so good. I haven't gotten a ton of bitcoin and over time it will start to add up. Slow but steady. Great post.

Reward pool raping.

The website pretty looks legit, but I'm kinda hesitant to try though. We don't have any assurance with this one although it looks legit

Nice :)

be careful of scammers guys try reading this article might help, better informed than sorry

I always thought this was always scam, but it seems I am wrong. Good job

Long time I used this site and free earn some Satoshi. Legit site. Thanks for this post.

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bien detallado el post muy bueno !!es una faucet confiable a mi experiencia una de la primeras opciones recomendadas para empezar y duplicar satoshi 100% legitima llamarla scam no seria correcto tediosa es el termino que usaria ya que en el momento de duplicar si eres un vicioso de juego puede terminar en perdida mi consejo es tenerla entre las primeras opciones pa generar satoshi

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nice post ri8 cryptocurrncy is a curruncy which earn eaisily

It's a great site to earn btc, but u can't win the lottery. I tried plenty of times, but no luck.

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I swear people call everything a scam. Something that costs nothing can't really be a scam. I used the earncrypto faucet for a while, think I was burning out my PC for a dollar a day, probably better to use a phone for these things

Yeah nice post but btc faucer is really slow

The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

Posted using Partiko Android

In my experience, FreeBitco in site is legit. The gambling part may be a bit iffy (I cant say for sure one way or the other), but I dont feel it to be worse than other gambling sites. For the most part I just use the faucet and have received payments.