The End Of The Dood Report. The Start Of The Dood Server

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So I decided to end the Dood Report. I ran it for a little over a year as both The Daily Dood, and The Dood Report. It was a lot of work putting together the links each night, and curating the content for each nightly post. I'm not complaining, I had a lot of fun posting it, and learned a lot at the same time. The workload just isn't fitting into my current time management.

I've been trying to work smarter. I've been streamlining what I'm doing as far as social media. For the most part I've cut out Gab, Minds, and pretty much all other social media with the exception of Steemit and Twitter. I've also been involved in the closed beta of and I'm posting there regularly as well.

One of the reasons I created the nightly Dood Report was so I had the days cryptocurrency headlines in one place. This came in real handy for me and a few other people. Even though I posted each headline to my Twitter it was nice having all the headlines easily accessible in one place and not having to wade through an ocean of noise and memes to find what I was looking for.

This leads me to The Dood Server 😂🤣

Awhile back I just wanted a place to chat with friends, and share content between us. I decided to start a discord just for shits and giggles. I didn't do a lot with it, and recently decided to take it a little more serious. As I started messing around with the different Discord features I thought it would also be a great replacement for The Dood Report and also a great way to promote STEEM based content.

Besides chat I'll be posting all the days headlines in the headlines category. There's also a section for promoting any content or projects you might be working on. I also just added a section for promoting STEEM based content. If you have a dTube, Ulog, Steemit, Palnet post or anything on the STEEM blockchain you want to promote, just add it to the STEEM-Promote category.

So The Dood Server will replace The Dood Report. Seems like a funner way to interact with people, a great way to consolidate the days headlines, and also a place to promote your content if you so choose to share it there. Hope you decided to join me and share your STEEM based content there.

Invite link:

Screenshot (65).png

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

That is cool. I will join up. Have you looked into #SteemLeo for your posts as I think they would be relevant for that. You can earn some extra tokens. You have some already and you can 'stake' them to give some in votes.

Have a !BEER

Awesome! Thanks @steevc I'll look into SteemLeo for sure. Hope to see you on the server :)