The Daily Dood - Thursday, 2-8-18

The Daily Dood for 2- 8 -18

Today's bitcoin high was about $8,648 USD on BitFinex

Bitcoin had a fairly strong day of trading today, but struggles to stay above that $8k price range everyone is hoping for.

The Crypto Top 11

XEM has moved to number 11 and IOTA has moved up to number 10. Bitcoin is maintaining a 34.9% dominance, and our crypto market cap is a little over $383,000,000,000 and growing ;)


Steem & SteemDollars

The price of Steem is currently $3.71 USD and the SteemDollar is $3.22 USD

Today's Headlines

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Talks XRP and is ‘Long’ Bitcoin

Japan’s Cryptocurrency Exchanges Face Increased Inspections from Regulators

Hackers behind $530m cryptocurrency heist 'flog coins on the dark web with 15% off'

A Platform Intends to Become the Only Application You Need For Crypto Trading

Berkeley Eyes Its Own ICO to Thumb Nose at Trump Administration

Binance shuts down trading, deposits, and withdrawals as it struggles to overcome technical issues.

Litecoin And Dash Are Taking Over The Dark Web

Bitcoin Cash Price Surge Put Other “Big-Cap” Coins to Shame Today

Nvidia: Crypto Mining Sales Beat Q4 Expectations

SEC to Focus on Cryptocurrency and ICO Fraud as Top Priority

Winklevoss Twins: Bitcoin Has Potential To Grow At Least 30-fold In 10 To 20 Years

The Story of the Four BitConnect Lawsuits

Online Sex Shops Are Hoping to Revolutionize Industry with Cryptocurrencies

Time To Go Bargain Hunting In Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin And Other Cryptocurrencies? via @forbes

Cryptocurrency prices hold steady as equities slide

Youtube, Podcasts, Media

Roger Ver BitcoinCash on Infowars Today.

Tweet of The Day

Bitcoin's finally stable above $8000, and Altcoins aren't doing too bad. It may be time to breathe a sigh of relief...

21 Cryptos Magazine February 8, 2018


Support the witnesses to get the services you want — Via @steevc Steemit

Excited about SALT Lending? Be advised! — Via @fathermayhem Steemit

5 Crypto Charts . STEEM Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Cardano . Feb 8 2018 —Via @jacobts Steemit

Dow Down, Bitcoin Up, but totally correlated, No-coiners lack imagination, $320,000 Bitcoin? — Via @madbitcoins Steemit


H.R.3708 - To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to exclude from gross income de minimis gains from certain sales or exchanges of virtual currency, and for other purposes.

Music and cryptocurrency commentary

So many people ask me about TA or technical analysis and where to start. Tone Vays just put together a real great educational page covering the basics of TA.

Here's something that's long overdue! The Crypto Scam Checker. Listing of known internet crypto scammers!

LiveCoinWatch is similar to CoinMarketCap. Check it out if you like researching coins, trade volume, and who's in the top 10.

It's looking like Binance is taking on new traders again. Sign up while you can, and find out why over 3,000,000 active cryptocurrency traders call Binance home!

The End

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Bitcoin's finally stable above $8000, and Altcoins aren't doing too bad. It may be time to breathe a sigh of relief……

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