Watford's kit is another initiative for Crypto mass adoption.

Yesterday, Watford drew with Arsenal after an impressive comeback from 2 down to finish the match in a draw of 2-2, it was a big achievement for the Watford stars who are sitting at the bottom of the premier league table. They couldn't do any better if you ask me.

More impressive is Watford's kit which is creating awareness of cryptocurrency in such large stadiums. Watford's kit has a Bitcoin logo on it's sleeve, which is reportedly sponsored by a certain company. I couldn't Imagine Bitcoin being a sponsor on Watford's kit since Bitcoin is not a company which is selling anyone anything. Sportsbet.io is another outstanding word on the kit, it is a sportsbet company that accepts cryptocurrency. It could be the company behind the Bitcoin logo.

For any Crypto fan out there, you just got another reason to buy a sports kit. From my perspective I think initiatives like this one trigger a massive adoption especially in the sports world. Soon or later we shall see more major team kits with exchanges and crypto coins on them.

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