BitCash and PeerQ

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First of all, I'm interesting so many type of cryptocurrencies which are usefull for daily life, has a fast trasnfer speed and also low trasnfer fee. In addition, if these cryptocurrencies provide earning by small task, they are on my radar.

Two days ago, I was looking to find a good way to earn some currency in bitcointalk forum, I found BitCash and also PeerQ. PeerQ is a wonderful platform that you can do easy task and earning a great, super easy money, which is called BitCash.

For me, the most important part of Bitcash is, the announcement date is 4 months ago but the developers is responding really seriously their job and BitCash is seen in so many exchanges too rather than so many other projects.

I checked the web wallet.It is really easy to sign up and getting a BitCasg wallet is fast. After that I download the Bitcash desktop wallet to check it also, and I can say that, Bitcash desktop wallet is stable and fast also too.

I read all the part of website and announcement and after that I understood the main aim of BitCash is sending reward or tips to people in social media. Also, people don't need a BitCash wallet or nickname yet. Yeah I said nickname, because with BitCash everyone can send money with only nicknames not only complex and long addresses.

I don't have a powerfull personal computer, because of that, I did't try to mine BitCash, but I can realize that mining is so easy. Just only with one click with desktop wallet.

In global banking systems, before sending money, systems are checking the bank account number and the name of the account owner. What I said and found that, Bitcash has got same feature. Firstly verify the account and than you can send. Do not send your money to wrong person.

Just look and give a try BitCash and also do the simple task in PeerQ. Hurry up .. Time is passing.


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