I made a command line cryptocurrency tracker in Go

in cryptocurrency •  last year


Use it to track STEEM, Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. This program is what I have created after learning everything explained in my previous blog post.

It's quiet simple to use, I even made a binary release for those that don't have go installed. Simply download the zip file, extract, modify the config file and type ./golang-cryptotracker to run it.

It supports a few different settings such as showing the current exchange rate as shown above or without the current rate as shown here:


It is also possible to turn off colors and just have the normal black and white as shown here:


The release binary and all the code for this project is available on Github here: https://github.com/markustenghamn/golang-cryptotracker

I made this because I am trying to learn golang and decided on a project related to github. My initial project that started this along with a guide on how I did the basics can be found in an earlier Steemit post here: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@tenghamn/how-to-make-a-simple-go-program-to-track-the-price-of-steem-via-an-api

I hope you guys find the code and the program useful, feel free to ask me any questions!

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Nice job! I haven't had any practice with Go yet but I'd like to explore it one day. Thanks for sharing your code, I'm so glad many people nowadays use GitHub and the likes. It makes it so much easier to learn from other people's experience :)