BAM Estate GmbH foundation will list their token on exchanges

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BAM! The tokenized rental and sub-rental platform which is going to revolutionize the way we deal with property. BAM owners can easily become Master-Renters of different kind of properties and offer these automatically to other participants of the BAM Network. In parallel you can let BAM platform to find sub-renters to earn yourself a rental based income.

The BAM! Ecosystem allows to claim the "Renter-status" of available properties from your mobile.

BAM! users will be able to physically rent/use properties by paying with BAM! Tokens or ordinary EUROS. If they don't use it physically, they get sub-rental payments from people who use the properties for living or working.

To hold BAM! Token you will need BitcoinSubdidium Wallet. To participate in the BAM! Platform you will also need to register at and verify/kyc yourself.

About BAM!

The software development is handled by ARES Computer who are also working for the Transcendence Blockchain Project (TELOScoin, BitcoinSubsidium). The BAM Offering is managed and owned by BAM ESTATE GmbH.

The good news arrived, BAM! Estate was registered as a foundation. It is also planned that BAM! token will be available for trade on exchanges soon. It is right time to "catch a train" and buy a BAM! token on time now.

BAM Whitepaper

The BAM (bricks and mortar) Token is an utility token used to store rental status of given real estate objects in the Ownership of Peerschweinchen UG. The Token certifies and verifies the status of being the renter of a specified amount of square meters in shared co-working areas or a specified object like Houses or apartments.

The BAM! Token is no security token as the BAM Token owner becomes only a main-renter and not the owner of the properties. What the BAM Owner gets is the right to offer his rentals as sub-rentals to others, which is covered automatically by the BAM! Plattform.

We will focus on using existing marketplaces as they already are visited frequently buy people searching for immovables but we will also provide an own website and App to search BAM! powered apartments and offices in your region. Also you can offer your own real estate for sale or rental against BAM!

Bam Token are used to verify the rental status and can be used optionally but not enforced to pay rentals of „unused“ properties. This way you could reserve an property in the network for a given time by paying tokens. For example for your next travel. As BAM token owner you can claim an available property whenever it is added to the eco-system. As Master- Renter you will participate by sub-rentals automatically. So whenever someone „uses“ the property physically.


Maximum Cap on Crowd sale €50 million
Total Token Supply 50 Million (50,000,000) BAM, of which:

  • 10% sold in Pre-sale
  • 23% sold in Token sale
  • 33% retained by Peerschweinchen UG
  • 33% allocated for to incentive participation in the ECOSYSTEM
  • 1% to cover Token sale costs
  • BitcoinSubsidium based Token
  • Purchase Methods accepted: XBTX and TELOS

Ecosystem Development begins 3rd of July 2020.
Requirements to participate in Crowd sale: AML-NOW Account,XBTX and TELOS Wallets are mandatory for exchange powered sales.

Read whole BAM! Whitepeper on:

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