Thanks so much for new information on TenX. I am a long term hodl.

It's very refreshing to see Julian Hosp, TenX Chief Visionary Officer, address speculators buying and dumping their coins or requesting marketing to hype their hodlings.

As shown in this video, Julian seems to have a very open and honest view on how their project works while their price may be going down. This is a great Q&A from Julian yesterday which is held every week with the next being on September 28, 2017

Please share your thoughts on TenX with me.
If you have a TenX card, will you help them with a video?
Are you a speculator of TenX or long term hodl? (2-5 years)

I will try to help TenX team and make a video or photo when I will receive my card - I order last week. I am a long term hodl - many years or forever! :-) I like last video. It is very good that a few things have been explained in this way. In many cases I have exactly the same opinion like Julian Hosp.


Great idea techwizardry! But I know once I get my card, I'm doing a video ASAP and posting it. Are you a TenX holder?


I look forward to seeing that video! I ordered mine as well and patiently await. Do you watch the Q&A each week?

this is BIG. The rest of society will never know what hit em

Looking forward to receiving my card and post a video!

I love the soundtrack on this video btw. Shazamed it and will use the same in my video:)

I don t mind if tenx price goes down ... I would be happy to buy more at cheap price . As soon as they have the licens price will go to moon !

I think that is what everyone is waiting for.

Great news from the TenX team. I'm still following and have the biggest trust in this team.

Thanks for the article TW...Julian is one of the best CEO's I've seen and is very connected with his current and upcoming card and token holders..he answers many questions many CEO's either don't know or don't care to share..he is very transparent..I like this guy

Is Julian German?

Julian is Austrian actually ;)

Well, I guess it's close enough. ;-)

Good guys in the Sound of Music! Austria!

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This is great news! Well done! :)

Acho importante o titular do cartão TenX fazer um vídeo e divulgar. Mas tão importante quanto isso é a gente curtir o canal do YouTube da TenX deixando um comentário de apoio e até quem ainda não tem o TenX Card fazer um vídeo e postar deixando seu depoimento que está ansioso para ser um novo titular do TenX Card.

Thank you for the info! :)