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I was trying to login to Binance to buy some cheap BTC with my debit card after the price dump that happened 2 days ago. However, for some reason, I could not receive my 2FA SMS codes in order to login in the first place, no matter how many times I have tried at any point of the day.

I was able to receive 2FA SMS codes for anything non-crypto exchange related. Google, Twitter, Discord and even Telegram phone verification worked for me, but when I tried literally any crypto exchange that has phone verification in place, I could not receive the 2FA code (Binance, Daybit etc).

This makes me think that my carrier have blocked all incoming SMS from cryptocurrency exchanges. I could reset my 2FA on Binance however they require KYC which I try not to give out whenever possible (Binance does not require KYC for debit card purchases below $2,500 USD).

Has anyone experienced similar issue like the above? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, this does not stop me from participating in the upcoming SPUD 6 as I managed to buy some STEEM with my XMR mining proceeds on Bittrex as they only use Authy (Google authenticator) codes for 2FA.

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EDIT: A few hours after this post went live, I was able to receive those SMS again therefore managed to pick up some BTC successfully. Not sure if this post triggered their attention


SMS loops should always be avoided anyway but this sounds strange. Content specific blocks on the public telephone networks aren't supposed to happen. More likely a sudden rush caused those services to have capacity problems is my guess.

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I use google auth for Binance.
Also, this probably only applies to some carriers in some countries.

At the time when I signed up they only have phone verification and I never bothered to enable Google 2FA when they introduce it later 🤨

I'm encountering this issue only in these few days...