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Welcome to my new article about the project 'BizShake'. It is one of my favorite projects because first it is based on NEO and second they will be creating a huge ecosystem for P2P sharing which is needed for all users.

The work they do is what they call 'Tokenization of real-world assets'.
They have a nice website and you can check from here:
Their token offering is starting soon! Stay tuned.


Blockchain has been a part of our life in recent years and when we think about assets and money, tokens and coins come to our minds most of the time. Some people do not even use cash, they just use cryptocurrencies for trading or shopping.

BizShake compares 2 different models, the old one is called B2C which is business to customer.
In the B2C plan of action, items are claimed by the platform itself and administrations are brought together. The platform is in charge of offering the benefit pool of a specific class and make it accessible for rental. People do not want to use that business model anymore!

Such plan of action has as of now a long history (e.g. auto rental like Hertz) and also new economy application (e.g. ofo, ZipCar, B-Cycle, and so on.)

And the second model is P2P Sharing Ecosystem. Platforms are leading P2P communications, executing installments and exchanges centralized with the end goal to mediate and to concede the security of business commitment, which consequently results in the overwhelming expense of activity and high additional charge to the clients of the two gatherings.

BizShake claims that these 2 models are now old fashioned, and they use 'Blockchain' to execute everything between the asset seeker and asset provider!

Some examples of this kind of models are: airBnB, TaskRabbit,

I want to mention some of the features of BizShake platform one by one:

It supports Multi Platform

BizShake applications will be accessible on multi-stages. SmartRent and SmartPawn will be enhanced for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet utilize. BizShake will urge its accomplices to continue working with a similar logic. New advancements, with IoT functionalities, will be accessible in a second stage.

Scalability is a Key

The BizShake system will be executed on the NEO Blockchain. The NEO Blockchain would already be able to allow remarkable execution level, contrasted with different SmartContracts Blockchain (1,000 TPS on NEO versus 15 TPS on Ethereum). Neo can likewise accomplish 10,000 TPS sooner rather than later as authoritatively unveiled by NEO group.

It has Low Fees

Utilizing on the Blockchain innovation, the charge connected by BizShake will be as low as 5% of every exchange an incentive with the end goal to cover their business improvement, advertising and activity costs: 5% of rental expense from SmartRent and 5% of interests from SmartPawn. The expense will be naturally deducted from the lease/interests sum.

It is Decentralized

Decentralization is one of the real mainstays of the Blockchain innovation and BizShake accepts the most suitable approach to actualize genuine P2P applications. The idea of decentralization itself is the thing that will enable clients to exchange inside themselves without the need of middle people, in this manner incredibly lessening the expense and charge for clients associated with the exchanges.


It is Really Simple To Use

The objective of BizShake is to accomplish adaptability in their client base. Consequently, they are buckling down on their User Interface with the end goal to concede the best client encounter. SmartRent and SmartPawn will be accessible in numerous dialects with the end goal to fulfill an alternate phonetic prerequisite. BizShake savvy contract will encourage the simple access to their business functionalities.

At the end of my article I want to share some important links of BizShake:

Their website:
Their whitepaper:
You can join their telegram:

Owner: I am asakura7x @ bounty0x

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Was a very informative read ! Thanks for sharing