Matchpool: Empower and Expand Sports With This Platform ... How !

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Matchpool, as you all know, is a Decentralized matchmaking platform which uses group dynamics and contribution from hosts and matchmakers to come out with a perfect pairing. Contrary to the popular beliefs, Matchpool is not only a dating platform rather it is a Matchmaking platform.

Matchpool works when a pool is created by the hosts filling in the specific requirement an individual desires and then the pool matches with existing joiners who demands the same specific requirements in a person or a product.

Matchmaking platform means it can match anything with everything. Whatever you desire, just fill in your details and you'll get your match as soon as a pool is created or you can search the pool with your specific requirements and then enter that pool by paying a minimal pool entry fees. That's it. It's as simple as that.

How Matchpool Helps in Empowering Sports & Expanding It's Reach ?

Sports is a major part of our life and somewhat inseparable. There are a lot of platforms out there which can help in getting knowledge about sports and athletics. But there are not any platform available which can match specific people with specific Sports in a specific location. Fascinating, Isn't it?

Let's understand this with an example:

Say a person name Dominic, a Football enthusiast, wants to connect people who have same interest in Football. He can do so by using many application on internet, right?

No, it's not that simple. Internet provides details and make connections, indeed but they are not concentrated connections. They are just vague details shared by anyone and everyone on various websites.

But with use of Matchpool, Dominic can specify what his requirements on his profile , what he wants in other people, what type of sports people does he desire, May be Dominic desire to connect with people who have an interest in Football as well as in Basketball. Then Dominic would mention this interests in his profile before entering into a pool and on based of these specific requirements, he would be matched with many people with same interests and hobbies and even in the same locality or came city.

That's how it can make sports even more empowering and expanding it's reach to the whole world by connecting various individuals with specific people who have same interests in sports.

That's how Matchpool works. It's a complete solution when it comes to Matchmaking with anything and everything.

Matchpool use its own built-in token for all the transactions conducting on this platform. The token is a Cryptocurrency named Guppy (GUP).

Guppy Tokens : Statistics & Charts

Guppy token is available for trading on Bittrex and Liqui Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Total Market Capitalisation: $16.5 Million
Total GUP Supply: 98.85 Million Tokens
25 hr Volume: $0.85 Million
Current Price: $0.23

Matchpool is an extra-ordinary platform for all your matchmaking needs. Join it today and make your life simple.

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