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Significant decisions and progress have been made with regards to the TechCoin and its Ecosystem since our last update and we are excited to advise you of these.

Firstly, we are proud to announce that the TechCoin exchange code will be TCI.

The ICO marketplace has significantly changed in the last three months, and we had to reassess the projects needs and the best interests of you, our token holders. We have had two primary considerations in our review -- what is needed to complete the Coin and the Ecosystem to put it live; and the requirements to bring the entire project to the market in such a way that we can maximize the value return to you, our token holders.

We have reviewed the current development progress, budgets, and remaining stages needed to bring us to completion. We have determined that the token sale has raised sufficient revenue to enable us to complete the TechCoin development, supporting infrastructure and Ecosystem. Accordingly, we advise that there is no need to conduct a public token sale (ICO), nor do we believe that such would be in the best interest of the current token holders or coin in the current market environment.

In May, we will be contacting all TechCoin Token holders and providing them with their account access details. This will give you access to your dashboard, explore its features, and experience some of the breakthrough benefits of the TechCoin.

In the light of these decisions, we have decided to terminate all token sales and move to a market available model as soon as possible. As a result, the sale of TechCoin Tokens by USI will cease immediately on the release of this update. While token sales have not reached expectations, the bonuses issued to your token balances will still be honored. Given the further sales targets have not been, and will not be reached, the additional rounds of bonus tokens will obviously no longer occur as well. We are not expecting to make any further bonus offerings. Rather, we are moving to a live market model.

For those wishing to increase their TechCoin holdings and for those waiting for the public ICO, you will now have to access TCI directly via our ecosystem or on other exchanges as TCI becomes more widely listed.

With the upcoming release of the TechCoin ecosystem, you will be provided access to a well-designed and extensively tested environment. A digital wallet and a decentralized marketplace will give you control of your TechCoins as well as provide you with a safe environment in which to you can buy, sell and bid on your favorite items. The marketplace and the ability for TCI holders to participate will be released in May.

Importantly, the TechCoin team is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its own exchange platform, the TC Exchange. With a user-friendly interface and state of the art ultra-low latency aggregation, users will be able to trade various cryptocurrencies on the TC Exchange, such as BTC, ETH, and TCI, as well as fiat currency. The platform is almost complete and we look forward to advising you of its release in our future updates.

We also have recently added a dedicated TechCoin support team. When you gain access to your new dashboard, support will be available to assist and guide you as you explore your new ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates on this revolutionary project. The TechCoin team and its growing community are excited to be progressing towards a live market and ecosystem for TechCoin. Ultimately, TechCoin’s objective is to shape and be the future of cryptocurrency, thus, we are working hard to bring only the best to the community.


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