TBIS Weekly: #BlockchainUnited , Bitcoin Token, and a Mystery Listing!

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This week we are grateful to our partners with whom we will break boundaries and write the definition of leadership for emerging technology. Collaboration and community will become the revolution. As always, we have selected the best submissions for response in our Community Voice section. This is a favorite activity for Team Titanium, and we appreciate the time and thought from our community members. We want to take a moment to remind our token holders that Community Voice is an opportunity to ask Team Titanium about our products, company, and partners, among many other things. We cannot provide answers to all questions, and thus will not answer questions commonly answered within our Telegram chat.

Moving forward, TBIS Weekly will be released every Monday instead of every Friday. This will allow for weekend updates and provide a great TBIS kick off to every week.

Submit questions for next week’s TBISW here:

Hailing from the great white north, we have the pleasure of introducing Tina Mitchell as the newest member of the TBIS team! Mrs. Mitchell brings her experience, sharp eye and enthusiasm to Titanium as a much needed Copy Editor to ensure that all our written material is in top shape. Along with her editorial duties, Mrs. Mitchell has taken over scheduling duties, utilizing her organizational skills and attention to detail to keep the team on schedule and moving forward. As a proud French Canadian, she is helping TBIS on the road to becoming a force on the world stage.


We are excited to announce that TBAR will be listed on a well known exchange soon. We will make an official announcement after TBAR is live on their platform.

While we are unable to provide the name of this exchange until live listing, we would still like to provide some background information. First, the exchange is not Binance, however their platform provides a wide variety of services to its users, from individuals to enterprise level organizations. With these services, many altcoins and mainstream digital currencies are paired for millions of dollars in trade volume daily. This platform is best know for casual trading, in a relaxed and social space. We think that TBAR token holders will enjoy their unique platform feature that allows for price comparison between listings on other exchanges and are pleased to have been given the opportunity to bring TBAR to this world class platform.


Blockchain United is a growing community of strategic partnerships initiated through collaboration between Project POMA, Titanium, and Bitcoin Token. We are dedicated to leadership in emerging technologies.

Please explore #BlockchainUnited Telegram Communities:
BTK - https://t.me/btkcommunity
POMA - https://t.me/POMACommunity
TBIS - https://t.me/TbisOfficial
Blockchain United -https://t.me/ChainUnited


Beginning May 4th, we will choose three submissions weekly from our #BlockchainUnited Telegram Chat to be voted on by the community here. Winners will continue to our Finals Round for a chance to win Titanium Gear!

#BlockchainUnited Favorites:

"May the fourth" by Trevor T.

"HODL Titanium" by Telegram user "LATESCREENING"

"ONE" by Telegram user "acryptkeeper"

Please cast your vote on your favourite here: https://www.strawpoll.me/15634562


Bitcoin Token!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our first Gold Level Partner, Bitcoin Token (BTK). Please visit their website at https://BTKToken.io and enjoy their Telegram Community, https://t.me/btkcommunity. As Gold Level partners, Titanium and Bitcoin Token will mutually benefit from collaborative projects and sharing of resources, among many other activities. We believe that Bitcoin Token’s unique project and all-star team will bring diversity and strength to our growing portfolio of Partnerships. Please find a brief FAQ for Bitcoin Token’s Project/Titanium partnership below:

Website: https://BTKToken.io
Telegram: https://t.me/btkcommunity
Discord: https://discord.gg/vZWYAsS
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/bitcoin_token
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/btktoken/

Q: What is Bitcoin Token?

A: Bitcoin Token (BTK) is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin. Conversely, BTK is an ERC20 token, developed on the Ethereum Blockchain to offer a faster, more efficient, and easily attainable solution to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading.

Q: Why is Bitcoin Token Open Source?

A: The vision is to accomplish a digital currency where people come first. By open-sourcing their project, Bitcoin Token Engineers have established a place for community voice in the development of their coin. BTK is, in essence, a cryptocurrency by the people, for the people.

Q: How will Bitcoin Token Be Applied?

A: The Bitcoin Token community is focused on engaging like minded projects for the purpose of mass adoption and world wide accessibility to Blockchain technology. One example is integration with Project POMA’s E-commerce platform where BTK and TBAR tokens will both establish real life use cases. Bitcoin Token cites high transaction fees for businesses using centralized resources as a longstanding problem, solvable via world wide accessibility to educational resources on emerging technologies as well as mass adoptive techniques. With fees as low as $0.02 compared to PayPal’s standard business rate of 2.9%, Bitcoin Token is an integral part of a complex solution.

Q: How do I get Bitcoin Token (BTK)?

A: BTK is distributed via Airdrop in many creative ways and also available to purchase. Join BTK’s Telegram community (https://t.me/btkcommunity) and follow them on twitter to learn more: https://mobile.twitter.com/bitcoin_token.

Q: Will TBAR token holders receive BTK?

A: We’ll ask Martha and get back to you!


Martha Breed, AKA Blockchic, loves life in Austin, TX, where she earned her MA from the University of Texas with a concentration in cult media fan engagement. Today, Martha is a Blockchain and ICO specialist focused on strategic communication for decentralized organizations. When asked about Titanium’s partnerships and her role as Communications Advisor for Bitcoin Token, Martha says: “Our communities will replace barriers, remove limitations, and present the world with leadership toward unification and mass adoption.” Team Titanium believes the future is brighter for all of our partnered communities via this collaboration.

Read more about Martha: linkedin.com/in/Blockchic

Read more about BTK: https://btktoken.io/


Unsurprisingly, we received many questions this week regarding our IaaS and PaaS Alpha. Titanium’s Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Bereczki, has taken some time away from product development to personally address frequently asked questions taken from our community:

Q:In the roadmap it says community members will be able to test the Alpha, can you be more specific on this?

A: The Private Alpha participation is meant for the Titanium community partners to ensure any integration issues are worked out in advance. We apologise for any confusion on that front.

Q: Will you keep us updated with the progress of the Alpha?

A: Yes of course! Our roadmap states that the Alpha phase will run through till the end of June so we'll have plenty of updates in TBIS weekly to keep y'all up to date on our progress.

Q: Are you on track to complete the Alpha on time?

A: Yes, we're well on track. We have a good rough proof of concept that our developers are using as a base for building out the feature sets.

Q: Hi Dan, do you think it's possible to release a video of our team using the Alpha. Something that wouldn't compromise our private code. Just so we can at least know the gift wrap color of our Christmas present?

A: Two month Alpha phase means two months of presents!

Q: Where will you post these Alpha updates?

A: Our updates will be included within our TBIS Weekly newsletters.

Q: Why would testing plans change?

A: Testing comes in all shapes and sizes. Just a conversation between a tester, a developer and a business analyst counts as testing. You don’t always see progress immediately as there is lots of planning involved. In Agile development, testing starts at the beginning of the progress so it’s not always clear what’s ready, what’s acceptable and what’s done. It evolves.

Please check TBIS.io/whitepaper and TBIS.io/roadmap for more information.

Q: Can you integrate Titanium with a crypto POS network such as Pundi X ( npxs ) to accept TBAR?

A: We cannot answer that question without NDAs being signed between Titanium and Pundi X, as we would need to do a deep-dive on the technology to have an intelligent answer to the query.
- Michael Stollaire, Chief Executive Officer

Q: When will Ingots be implemented?

A: Ingots as well as Masternodes are being developed as part of our blockchain mainnet which is on track for Q1 2019 release.
- Daniel Berezcki, Chief Technology Officer

Q: Will you release a demo of the Alpha to the public?

A: Our Alpha product is on schedule to be completed this month. This product is our proof of concept and the building block for our Beta product which we will make ready for private invitation and begin to show. Our open public Beta of our IaaS will be when our PaaS product comes out at the end of this year.
- Richard Silver, Chief Operating Officer

Q: What is Ms. Yeong, as the South Korean liaison, doing to help in the expansion into the South Korean market?

A: At the moment I am looking for candidates who can translate our whitepaper into Korean and getting our token listed on the largest Korean exchanges. Lastly, I am sourcing Korean crypto influencers to help get the word out.
- Yong Ha Jeong, South Korean Liaison

Q: Do you guys have a plan on how future clients from bluechip companies can acquire TBAR utility tokens to pay for services? Surely being listed on super credible exchange platforms is a must?

A: Of course this is true, and we are always diligently working on that objective. With that said, the current exchanges are filled with issues and problems, and IMO, are succeeding despite themselves and their technology. That's why Titanium continues to lead in the Blockchain Space by providing products that we are quite confident are superior and will appeal much more to the market. Throw in our mantra of good is not good enough and it must be excellent, along with impeccable customer service, and we will race to the top of the heap.
- Michael Stollaire, Chief Executive Officer

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