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Windhan is a 108MW inexperienced continual flagship mission in Kazakhstan, which contains inexperienced continual loans and buying and selling systems that use blockchain technology to create the subsequent generation of extra meritocratic renewable continual assets. It connects continual patrons (households and investors or market makers) straight with inexperienced continual producers and makes it doubtless to acquire continual in increase at prices underneath market prices. This is a platform for combining continual developers, investors and customers by a international community and decentralization utilizing ERC20 markers and clever contracts, which permit continual property to be funded and can start to be implemented extra reliably and transparently.



Windhan is a mission that connects proper here fields:
Green continual producers, investors, consumers, and the Blockchain ecosystem; Growth and pattern in every of those fields is important.
By becoming a member of collectively in a brand new type of energy, financing and subversive trade, everybody has the proper to make our planet a higher area to live.
Windhan helps sustainability tools, as it brings collectively continual producers, investors and customers with ordinary interests - saves finances and creates a decentralized, clever and blank future.
Our fundamental goal, and within the lengthy run, the aim of tasks to finance energy, commerce and continual markup for the future, Windhan’s supply and renewable continual platform tasks are delivery to remedy the difficulty of how the continual sector and blockchain technology fit.


Powerful continual crops supply us with this electricity, which, alas, don't all of the time advantage by their actions. After all, lots of those continual crops are very risky and dangerous to our well being and the ecological state of our land. And for sure I'm speaking about these varieties of stations that use nuclear power, and non-renewable sources of uncooked material to generate a robust circulate of electricity. Unfortunately, the outcomes of the work of such stations are merely considerable and anything wishes to be solved.

At the identical time, a considerable quantity of folks round the realm are operating to remedy the present problems.they supply the use of selection sources of energy, inexperienced and renewable, derived from herbal resources such simply due to the very fact the sun, water and wind. These three parts are a variety of flagship of an environmentally pleasant continual source, the processing of which doesn't damage others and pretty doesn't hold any risk to the environment.

But regardless of the actuality that this selection is obvious, many States don't desire to Finance the construction of recent environmentally pleasant "green" continual sources. Therefore, this growth lies extra on the shoulders of continual enthusiasts, whose fundamental mission is to enforce this qualitative transition to

Why Windhan

Manufacturers, investors, and customers in renewable continual ecosystems face NULL fantastic things, Problems that could be solved by Windhan:
· The latest investment activity in renewable continual tasks could be very expensive. As a result, most
· investors talk about tasks and considerable expenses are excessive.
· More than one billion folks on the planet are left with out electricity. Small to Medium
· renewable continual tasks aren't secure as a consequence of the inability of investors to connect
· Project to the platform in a method this is trusted, decentralized and economical.


In addition to the instruments that the Windhan mission wishes to gather with its inside markers, developers are attempting to remove the layers of bureaucracy between continual sources and consumers. This maneuver will drastically cut back all costs, thereby slicing the last price of electricity itself.

In addition, investors who take part within the formation of this mission might be capable to get nice advantages for the contributions they make on the preliminary stage. At the identical time, they may even have a nice danger to make use of this continual and pay for it from the token purchased.



It is vital to notice that this mission already has all of the crucial legislative and authorized agreements to hold out its actions, which could be very pleasing. Moreover, the developers actually know the quantity they ought to enforce this concept. In their reviews they supply a clear monetary type of what's how much, indicating even the last quantity adding VAT. To be honest, the quantity required isn't small simply due to the very fact only the production of 27 wind generators will price the mission 134 million euros, and this may occasionally contain much of varied costs. Therefore, the ICO is crucial to gather the crucial finances by crowdfunding.


ICO Details

As I said earlier, the activity itself is constructed on the concept of a decentralized network, the position every token is backed by a clever contract and has a few power. The token that might be presented to the viewers is known as - WHN. The house proprietors of this token may have a vast fluctuate of entry and opportunities supplied by Windhan. This will contain VIP membership, and entry to resources at any time, as nicely as a considerable quantity of varied promotions, discounts and loyalty systems.

In total, 250 million cash might be issued for the pattern of the project. Of these, 190 million might be allocated for the install of all wind turbines, the rest aspect might be distributed amongst the founding team, and the varied aspect might be allocated for the additional pattern of the project. In total, 5 tiers of gross income might be allocated by capability of which investors might be capable to acquire every of the tokens at a unique price. The minimal might be 0.65 EUR per 1 WHN, and then it's going to attain its optimum of 0.96 EUR per 1 WHN.




For these who're seeking respectable and actual projects, I trust that Windhan is one in every of the few who haven't just a sensible thought that may switch the realm for the better, but in addition many varied trumps accessible even on the preliminary level of its development. Speaking seriously, I could take a nearer seem at this mission and thought, why no longer turn into aspect of anything bigger.

If you've the identical opinion, then for larger confidence, I suggest which you simply personally examine all of the crucial material concerning this project. To see for your self in his latest scheme, as nicely as to detect the seriousness of what's happening. To do this, on the quit of my evaluation I actually have ready all of the crucial social resources and technical documentation of the project, method to which you may be capable to reply all of your questions.

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