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The development of the cryptocurrency world that continues to advance and increasingly rapidly makes developers competing in making cryptocurrency or Exchange exchanges with a myriad of features. Many exchanges are currently released with good security features, low fees and with full support to overcome any problems faced by customers.
The new Exchange that is currently being developed with the latest features that will make trading easier is Paramount Dax. Paramount Dax is a trading market that is different from other exchanges and is not just an ordinary crypto exchange. Paramount Dax will provide maximum revenue when trading.

Paramount Dax has been licensed before launch. Paramount Dax will provide the best service for the cryptocurrency community with the best exchange security for the assets of traders and create highly decentralized relationships. This making Paramount Dax will be chosen as a crypto exchange that is able to provide maximum safety, security and benefits.

The features offered by Paramount Dax

There are several main features offered by Paramount Dax, namely:

  • Instant liquidity and can be done quickly.
  • A very intuitive user interface that makes it easy for ordinary users.
  • Risk free and safe to get trading opportunities that provide maximum benefits with minimal costs.
  • Already supported with multi-languages that provide ease of use to be able to understand with multi-language real time.

Maximizing trading results with Paramount Dax is very doable, because the Paramount Dax platform is supported by:

OTC (Over the Counter) trading

Paramount Dax makes it possible to conduct large trade operations without having to carry out escrow or with a lawyer. Institutional trade will be done very easily. Paramount Dax became the first OTC crypto trade in Europe.

Daily profit share 46%

You will get a 46% profit share according to the user's level with the PRDX holding token. There are 4 types of user level, namely User Silver line, Gold Line, Platinum Line and Black Line.

Special Indicators for Trade

Provided with special indicators that in real time will monitor your trade profit and loss data.

Custom API

With a custom API it will be possible to benefit from continuous improvements made by you, by contributing to the development of a custom API for third parties.

Customizable dashboard

If the exchange only has the same dashboard and boring. You can setup or copy the dashboard display as you wish.

Strong Referral Profits

Get strong and more benefits by inviting your friends to join Paramount Dax exchange.

About PRDX Token Sales



Paramount Dax is expected to become a crypto exchange that is not just an exchange that can increase trading income to the maximum. With a good user interface and easy to use and can be adjusted as desired. Paramount Dax will be the fastest crypto exchange in transferring payments with the world's peer to peer transaction network, which has been supported by an increase in Paramount Dax transactions to 2,000,000 transactions per second with additional cloud hosting and load balancing from each node of the blockchain by means of separated into the Paramount Dax network.


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