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Hello everyone, for those who are interested in becoming a member of the Engineer project. It is a nice principle to learn opinions that may assist you get news that may assist you in seeing their imaginative and prescient and mission, the following:

About Engineer.aI

Engineer.aI is a blockchain and AI-powered ecosystem that supports anybody create bespoke software, faster, extra cost-effective, and with a upper success charge than the latest consultation model.

  • Faster & leaner
    Creators won’t require any technical wisdom to observe their projects. AI will match their principle with correct parts and pattern teams.
  • Streamlined & guaranteed
    Duplicate work is removed as present parts are used, incredibly than re-built. Costs are decreased and timelines shortened, permitting extra talk about bespoke elements.
  • Managed & trusted
    Every stage is managed by clever contract elimination fee dangers and making certain on time, on finances delivery.
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The Engineer AI Ecosystem

Project building, management, and distributed bills are all managed by our ecosystem

  1. Clients use the drag and drop interface to create their idea. They pay a weekly deposit of NAYA tokens to start off work.
  2. AI selects parts from present constructing blocks to construct the project.
  3. Scored & verified start stakeholders are assigned builder playing cards with atomic degree details.
  4. Multiple, independent staked companions test the deliverables.
  5. Successful tasks will automatically launch escrowed money by means of blockchain clever contract.
  6. Hosting and upkeep are managed by AI & Cloud ops worth are automatically arbitraged.

Our Mission’s pattern staff is based and experienced with an present community of 26,000 engineers, 3,200 clients, $23 million in platform revenue, and 150 percentage yr on yr growth. Pivoting to a blockchain and AI-driven style will industrialize our activity and permit us scale globally and acquire our key goals.

  • Make device pattern accessible to anyone
    AI removes the want for purchaser consultations, breaking down ideas into granular tasks matched to present parts and the greatest experts.
  • Ensure costs, timelines, and quality
    Quality assurance and deliverables are managed by clever contract eliminating worth and fee dangers and production delays.
  • Streamline the production process
    Our library of constructing blocks prevents duplicate work re-coding of present features, making pattern quicker and leaner.
  • Prevent decay and hold functionality
    Hosting, management, and updates are automated permitting quicker principle to advent timelines and continued functionality.
  • The NAYA Token
    NAYA is a ERC-20 token used at the distributed fee community for users and contributors.
  • Secure
    Customers acquire work from a marketplace of contributors, whereas nonetheless being guaranteed a success start in their project.
  • Quality Assured
    NAYA is staked alongside the mission to test the accuracy of work by a set of QAs sourced from the contributor network.
  • Escrowed Payments
    Each mission has an related clever contract which acts as an escrow. Funds are launched as milestones are reached.
  • The Engineer Platform
    Engineer AI is an all-in-one bespoke device platform
  • Builder
    Human Assisted AI that runs the on-line meeting line platform for constructing bespoke software. Builder runs on a distributed belief community that manages identification, start assurity, IPR, security, dispute answer and stakeholder payments.
  • BuilderCare
    A guaranty carrier that permits users to get updates to their bespoke device as 3rd celebration libraries decay over time and help to guarantee their tasks sustain running.
  • CloudOps
    Manage the operating of your app utilizing our platform that makes use of AI to take care of Cloud spend, sustain your device operating & deliver collectively all of the companies you want in a single place.

The Token Sale’s pattern staff is already based and experienced with a shown tune checklist of delivery.
$20M Initial Target
$3M Seed Round
$17M Pre-Sale
Engineer AI Roadmap
Project building, management, and distributed bills are managed by our 3-tiered platform
Screenshot_2018-09-11 Engineer ai - ICO.png

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