DIGITAL GOLD - First 100% Liquid Stablecoin Backed by Gold 99.99 purity

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The increasing number of new projects in the crypto world has made many people innovate by utilizing the blockchain technology system as a ledger to record all transactions made. The main problem with common cryptocurrency is that it has become commonplace and is known to many people because the value of voting is very high, price fluctuations can be fast or slow depending on the current trend.

Well, therefore, it is needed a stable crypto that has a fixed value and is not too affected by the crypto market trend but still has value. The project that we will discuss on this occasion is a project project for Digital Gold stable coins. Digital gold uses Gold as a reference for payments and Digital Gold token values. For more details, you can listen to the explanation that I will describe below.

Gold is a medium of exchange that has been used since time immemorial with a good and very good level of price stability at compare with other FIAT currencies. Gold is also good for long-term investments with almost the same value and more profitable. Digital Gold Stable Coin is an option for those of you who want to have gold in the form of digital cryptocurrency that can be used to buy, sell and transfer as your investment. Digtal Gold Token is an Ethereum based ERC20 token that is easy to use and very safe to store.

There are several advantages that make this Digital Gold Token you must have

    Very safe and has been supported by using real gold in accordance with the value of Digital Gold Tokens that you have. All transactions carried out will be recorded on the blockchain and cannot be deleted or changed by anyone, this will be permanent according to the nature of the blockchain technology itself
  • 1 TOKEN = 1 GOLD 99.99 PURE
    The total gold stored in a safe is the same as the total token issued. Every gold saved will be audited in real time and verified online. Gold Tokens that come out will use Ethereum Smart Contract.
    Gold Token liquidity is very high because the token issuing company is a liquidity supplier that will make it possible to buy tokens at the same price as the market price. Digital Gold token holders can sell or buy tokens on the official website or the official Exchange chosen by Digital Gold.
    The costs required on the Digital Gold platform are very low and comparable to services provided for gold storage, without any problems or other problems when storing Gold.
    Digital Gold is free of transaction fees and can be used for every transaction made. You can do it anytime as long as you need it and of course it's free without transaction fees.
    Your privacy will be protected well. To send your gold only need to notify your Digital gold wallet. The identity that is on the Digital Gold Platform remains secure and only you know.

Digital Gold Token is a crypto asset that is supported by real gold which is stored in a bank safe in Singapore with the best security. The best solution that wants to invest safely and comfortably.
Digital Gold already has an Official Marketplace that can be used to buy and sell Digital Gold tokens that support BTC and ETH


GOLD Tokens have also been LISTED on the CRYPTEX CRYPTOCURRENCY exchange


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