Cloud Node v2 - Monitoring & hosting solution for Main Masternode

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Blockchain is an irrefutable brilliant innovation - individual ideas aka individual groups known as nom de plume, Nakamoto. However, since that time, it has become something more prominent, and the fundamental question that is put forward by everyone is: What is the Blockchain?

By allowing advanced data to be disseminated but not replicated, blockchain innovations make the foundation of other types of web. Initially formulated for advances, Bitcoin, (Buy Bitcoin), network technology has now found other potential uses for innovation. Up to this point, the arbitrary estimate of cash was close to US $ 112 billion. What's more, the blockchain can make several different types of advanced quality. Like the web (or your vehicle), you don't need to know how the blockchain attempts to use it. Nonetheless, having important info from this new innovation provides why it is seen as progressive. So, I believe you appreciate this before continuing.

About the Cloud Node v2 Project

Cloud Node V2. This is not just a whitepaper project, but it is an ecosystem that is ready with practical and fully formed methods with no small benefits and unique tools, which are perfect for experienced block lovers and beginners. Ecosystems include several solutions for hosting and masternode monitoring. On the Node V2 Cloud platform there are also gaming platforms, cloud storage, reliable cryptocurrency wallets and not a few more. All of this has a happy and intuitive interface that I don't need to struggle to understand the principle of operation. Apart from that, not like other services, this platform supports Russian, which for me directly is a very high quality.
Cloud Node V2 creates a team of highly qualified experts who have gained prestige in the international blockchain arena and are very popular in certain circles.
Today, they have made a wallet CDS App Wallet, which I am really loved I like it, everything works really fast and doesn't freeze even on my old computer. I think you will also appreciate, at least everything seems much better than the popular Crypto MEW wallet lovers and has a more friendly interface in Russian.
Also, the CDS H & M system is ready. Installation is very fast, even for 32-bit Windows.

Convenient mobile application

Applications from Cloud Node are also very easy to use and do not require additional performance alias skills from users. Everything is easy, download the software and use all the benefits of the platform entirely from any gadget in the world.

Masternage Monitoring

Every person who has installed the masternod on his computer understands how important it is to monitor it periodically, because often the masternod can behave unexpectedly. The monitoring of the Masternod was developed in a special way for this purpose, blessing everything now to be very enjoy as well easy. Nodes are installed very quickly, synchronization with the network occurs in a few minutes. The functionality that is very enjoy and well designed ensures the use of the most enjoy of all available tools. You can also activate the benefits of notifications, that is, undefined the system itself will notify you of all changes, which are also very convenient.

Blockchain Cloud Node

This platform has its own blockchain and CDS coins, which can be extracted using the PoS algorithm. This block is formed in 1 minute, the prize for each block is 1,200 coins, the mastersnod owner gets 4800 CDS for this. In addition, you can customize their tokens, that is, to rent for 3 months, the sex type undefined years or years, when you get passive income

Cloud storage

This platform has a service that enjoys and is easy to use that provides cloud storage services. Storage functionality allows in addition to saving, but also sharing what files even. And the price of storage is not the same as the penny of this service, the rental price is very cheap ...

Faster and Safer

Cloudnode [CDS] is virtual funds with a covered machine to make on-line exchanges by InstantSend and PrivateSend with essentially essentially the foremost severe velocity and safety

Benefits of Cloud Node v2

· This platform has a cool and intuitive interface, even for beginners;
· You will be surprised at how happy and easy it is to use this platform, while for 2 years I have not watched anything more enjoyable and subtle at work;
· All functionality found on the Cloud Node will burden users only one cent;
· Synchronize with any device, soon it will also present cellular software;
· A highly experienced team, beginners will not be able to create services that are so cool, previous developments from this team have also enjoyed success and are known throughout the world.
· Coins from the CDS ecosystem will certainly increase in price, because requests for platforms that enjoy enjoy guaranteed;

About Node v2 Cloud Tokens

· Coin Name: Cloud Node v2
· Ticker: CDS
· Algorithm: X11 MN / POS
· Reward per block: 6000 CDS
· Block time: 60 seconds
· Masternode guarantee: 10,000,000 CDS
· Distribution Block Reward: 80% Masternode / 20% Staking
· Availability of InstantSend, PrivateSend & Multi-Send


This project inspires trust, especially because the blockchain itself is almost launched here, there are wallets for all types of devices, websites with mastercaps are fully launched and ready to work, all others are listed on the stock. And all this undefined is achieved in just a few months, namely the potential of Cloud Node is very extraordinary. I watch not a few projects that even for a few years can't achieve what the Cloud Note team can implement in a short time. In general, this project is very extraordinary and promising, for more detailed information you can follow the link below.

White paper:
ANN Thread:

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