AFRICUNIA - Digital Bank Platform that Offers Traditional Banking Services with Blockchain Technology.

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AFRICUNIA is recently introducing an evolved banking kind which allows the use of finances without limitations linked with buying and selling in cryptocurrencies, shifting proudly possessing and tokens, risks and challenges.
AFRICUNIA Blockchain Digital Bank are a contemporary and unique Financial Institution that can supply no longer simply ordinary banking providers related with commencing of economies & contemporary accounts, issuing of credits score & debit cards, loans and forex providers but in addition will supply creative banking providers like bank-to-bank trades, interconnecting the sector of essential fund and cryptocurrency startups.

AFRICUNIA Technologies

  • To live inside the constraints of Traditional Banking, we’ll make probably essentially the foremost of API (Authorized Payment Institutions) hence employing the proper criteria of innovation and services.
  • The foundation of AFRICUNIA BANK is capital spent increasing has been adjusted to the purchase increase in turn maximizing revenue return.
  • Additionally, so a lot as our technology safety is involved our network layout is decentralized. Thus, instruments attach information garage safety and encryption mechanism of folks or businesses.
  • Processing of Information is Automatic by a technique of utilized AI algorithms.
  • On this web page are a few of our technology…


AFRICUNIA intends to obtain the dimensions to supply ordinary and banking items which are rising at a technology pushed era scenery it really is Blockchain fitting probably essentially the foremost well-known shop for all conditions.

AFRICUNIA is inside the activity of executing AFCASH — a crypto — predicated on AFRICUNIA Protocol Consensus Algorithm (APCA) to shield the contemporary troubles of correctness, consensus, and usefulness the show protocols have partially solved. Our aim is to create a benchmark for investment that can work as a catalyst of bridging the hole among cryptocurrencies and the fiat.

We’re recently offering an imaginative and prescient to the benchmark of investment vehicles that it really is tokenized can assist bridge the difference among the universes which are crypto and traditional. AFCASH platform goes to be the one-stop shop possibility for asset managers who're watching to produce and deal with funds. The AFRICUNIA will use the benefits of technologies it really is omnipresent inside the sector of investments. Then the AFRICUNIA’s AFCASH is the resolution In case if you still doubt about using blockchain technology for investments which are classical. It integrates all the sides of this tokenized investment automobiles which fluctuate from engineering to infrastructure and authorized compliance to make a”accountable cryptocurrency.”
You envision a bank that adds the greatest investment and monetary providers accessible to everyone without any limitations, wherein it’s doubtless to do quickly and steady trades and trades, and in addition wherein you can to save and deal with your individual crypto assets. It’s proper here today — Financial Marketplace and your Bank — AFRICUNIA.

Blockchain technology will change the undertaking it really is digital. he has the power to destroy the business, but specifically the banking industry, and create processes steady extra-democratic and productive. There’s an undertaking and folks anticipate cost processing in actual time, though on this era all bills had been made. Transferring finances isn't simply about transferring finances out of 1 from lender to one other or from A to B. To ensure delight of receiver and sender, cost desires to be tested by an intermediary such a Correspondent Banks or Central Banks which suggests settlement can take specifically a lengthy time, usually about NULL or extra instances for nationwide obligations and 3 to 5 trade days for international payments.

About Token

  • Token symbol: afcash
  • Total supply Token: 500,000,000 (five hundred million afcashs)
  • Circulating supply: 500,000,000 (five hundred million afcashs)
  • Price Token: 1 afcash = $0.10 usd
  • Unsold tokens: any unsold token will be burnt

Basic Structure

Surely the format of the fund will keep to swap depending at the critiques made with our authorized advice. However, these days 50% of AFCASH might be allocated to public contributors, 30% will stay the Company's reserves and Foundation for undertaking pattern and to fund Social and Ecological projects. Fifteen percentage (15%) might be reserved for Founding Members, 3% for Advisers and Partners whereas the ultimate 2% might be distributed to distribution to our Bounty Campaign.


At the give up of every Financial Year, 20% AFRICA BANK Profit might be distributed amongst all Token Holders (AFCASH) through every Shareholder for the complete quantity of Token issued, and this might be paid automatically to Coin User in it. every pockets In different words, you're entitled to AFRICANIA BANK income. Think of it as PASSIVE REVENUES.

Our value

Our important aim is to swap into the business fundamental and one-stop store to arrange a token fund, despite inspite of no matter if the fund is invested within the universe or crypto nature

  • Offering the greatest of the international Fiat and Cryptocurrency
  • Promote sustainable fund investment
  • Develop a fundamental platform
  • Improved transparency
  • Development of scalable funds
  • Market main compliance
  • Development of fundamental platform

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