The Tatiana Show w Sasha Hodder

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Topics Include:
SEC involvement in cryptocurrencies
Michael Turpin’s lawsuit against AT&T
Security precautions for users of cryptocurrency

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Our guest on this episode is Sasha Hodder, who sometimes goes by Sasha Hodler ( Sasha recently joined on as the legal advisor to my marketing company and sponsor of the Tatiana Show, Crypto Media Hub (

Sasha started her career as a trader in the banking industry and later became interested in the field of law. Around that same time, she began learning about cryptocurrency after hearing a Joe Rogan podcast featuring Andreas Antonopoulos

These two interests, law and cryptocurrency, shaped her next career steps as a lawyer in the fintech sector at DLT Law Group, in addition to creating her own media, educating on legal issues in the bitcoin and blockchain spaces.

In this episode, the team discusses SEC involvement in ICOs and a vision of business stakeholders directly exchanging stocks and bonds.

Are all ICOs scams? Sasha explores the possibility of ICOs finding a useful purpose for their tokens.

They also discuss Michael Turpin, who is suing AT&T after being hacked twice through the communications company, and details of the case. Can you truly trust any third party to protect your digital assets? Joshua Scigala discusses a number of hacks in recent years and advises everyone to keep their crypto assets in a hard wallet.

About the Guests:
Sasha is a Partner at DLT Law Group, P.A. where she focuses on the Fintech sector. She began her career in the virtual currency arena in 2014 and helps her clients navigate the burgeoning regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies. Sasha has worked on Private Placement Token Offerings, Initial Coin Offerings, Business Formation, Operating Agreements, and Corporate Bylaws, Drafting Asset Purchase Agreements, Advisor Agreements, Professional Services Agreements, Shareholder Purchase Agreements, AML/KYC Policies, Opinion Letters, and SAFE & SAFT Agreements, and various other contracts. She has experience in Money Service Business Registration, Money Transmission License Applications, Representing buyers and sellers in institutional bitcoin transactions, Plaintiff Litigation against alleged fraudulent exchanges, Legal Consulting to ICO Marketing Firms, and Whitepaper drafting and/or review.

By starting her career as a Series 7-Licensed Trader for TD Ameritrade, Ms. Hodder gained a ground-level perspective of the equities markets and the intricacies of global economics.

A regular speaker on the Tone Vays Law Review Show

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