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I just got some Regal Coin.

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Regalcoin is a cryptocurrency.

Regal Coin is being called the new Bitconnect 2.0. Regal coin is the new Lending Platform similar to Bitconnect.

I invested in the Regal Coin ICO and the Regal Coin just hit the exchange October 1st, 2017. At the Moment each coin is $12.97.

The lending is 1.1 - 1.5% daily. The cool thing is you get your investment back in 99 days vs. 299 days from Bitconnect.

This is exciting to start from the beginning with Regal Coin.

Create a Regal Coin Account


REGAL COIN exchange

When you sign up for your regal coin account, I will activate your account. By December Regal coin is predicted to be $50 a coin. This is the chance to be part of the beginning before Regalcoin explodes and becomes just as expensive as the Bitconnect coin listed on the exchange for $135.42. Regalcoin is $12.97 and a good time to jump in on the lending program.

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