EXCLUSIVE DTUBE VIDEO 132: What happens when Facebook launches its own Cryptocurrency?

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What do you think will happen when Facebook will launch their own Cryptocurrency? I see two possible scenarios and I'm discussing them with you in todays exclusive DTube video! Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Well I for one sure as hell wouldn't be using it :P xxx

Well same here my love <3

I do not like facebook.

We're all doomed!!! 😟 hehe...can't wait to see @lauracody on dtube too!

Let's wait and see :P I sure hope not

face book is not real evil facebook... so that... is not will be in future...future is steem and same idea. example mitrill ,redd coin ... block chain and tecnoloji...

Well I have 44k Followers on my FB Page so depending on how they set up their system for this I think I might win. But yeah I like this platform so lets not think about FB will do this :P

Time will tell :P

@savitabhati life hacks.... fun (if you like give a Thums up)