A concise guide to create an ideal ICO marketing strategy

in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

The year 2017 was unarguably the year of ICOs, as more than $5.6 billion were successfully raised via more than 400 projects during 2017. ICOs are becoming the most popular model for seed funding and crowdfunding, thanks to Ethereum's blockchain that has greatly simplified the process of creating cryptographic tokens.

Even though many ICOs were amazingly successful during the past few months, others ended up to be a complete failure. As such, thorough planning of your ICO campaign is indispensable to guarantee the success of your token and underlying project. Success of your ICO project will greatly depend on a professional marketing plan.

Cointelligence.com, a cryptocurrency information portal that markets itself as the "central nervous system for the new crypto economy", has just published a detailed blog post that includes a detailed plan to help you formulate an ideal ICO marketing plan.

To read this amazing post, visit the following link:

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