Heady Territory - Cryptocurrency Marketcap hits all time high

in cryptocurrency •  last year


So much for the bear market...

In a matter of days the cryptocurrency market has emerged from it's downtread to hit an all-time high. The total marketcap has hit over $117 billion and rising. No doubt boasted by the emergence of Bitcoin Cash and the upcoming Segwit activiation.

The bear market is apparently no more.

However I would be slow to call a bull-market. The market is very volatile. We could easily be looking at a double top. Yet if the marketcap increases significantly above the current level, who knows how high it could go?

Either way, hold onto your hats... it's likely to be a bumpy ride!!

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Any indication of when Segwit will activate?


Or If it will....

Love your post, upvoted! It reminded me of this guy last July:

Hero 1: Satoshi Nakamoto
Hero 2: Edward Snowden
Hero 3: this guy


Im actually on a bus to capitol hill as I type... lol


What a co-incidence!

where are you going bitcoin

This is incredible what is happening right now!