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These are the two coins I believe in dearly, the transaction speed of Litecoin is phenomenal and the transaction speed of SBD is fairly fast as well I have never had a problem transferring either coin. The purpose behind Steem and D-Tube and the smart coins that with launch in the future is what makes it's impact so powerful & stable. We have not dropped below 3$ in quite a bit...I see nothing but potential and uphill progress from here every journey has its bumps of course.

Same goes for LTC, a lot of crypto coins "say" certain things we be accomplished and aren't quite sure. I've seen litecoin say and do what they intend every time. Charlie Lee the CEO of Litecoin sold his litecoin a couple months ago to show his community he wasn't in this for the money and I personally believe him. Being able to cash out LTC with a debit card will make ATM transactions lightning fast especially if your trying to maybe cashout out your SBD you can...in seconds. February 26 is the first official launch of LitePay.

IM NOT A PROFESSIONAL CRYPTO EXPERT...I'm someone who researches and only speaks facts that I learn or read. Please comment below and other coins you think I should look into so I can expand my portfolio in this beautiful crypto world. Hope you guys this content I put together...your feedback is most important to me tbh.

▶️ DTube

that will be wonderful to have crypto used as regular mode of payment. smartcash has a similar feature they're wanting to implement called instapay...

it will be interesting how it will pan out

I feel the same honestly whatever crypto makes cashing out the most efficient may win this race im going to take a look at smart cash forsure.

"Mobilink-Coin" also seems pretty interesting. I doubt that many cryptos can coexist for a long time though, so we're gonna see who can take over the market.

I agree that Litecoin seems to be a strong contestant. Though I think Amazon or Google are gonna take over the game by just releasing their own crypto, which will instantly be established and trusted.

Mobi-Link is a game changer tbh I really like that coin. but if Amazon & Google drops a coin that would be legendary and the hype would be ridiculous might cause sometype of crash for the other coins for a period of time or good might just buy the other coins and devolp them there selfs ya never know.

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