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RE: EOS: WTF? / ICON - Hyperconnect the World - Coin Presentation

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That is why experts recommend to hodl EOS.
And you know what another same Platform like EOS or I think More powerfull coin in the eyes of experts is Wanchain coin.
Wanchain is ETH XMR & XRP all in one. In theory, it is superior to all of them. Firstly, it is a fork of ETH so has smart contract capability but already has POS and private transactions. It is better than XMR because it generates a new one time address for private transactions everytime. Lastly it is better than XRP because it is actually decentralised and can allow banks (and normal people) to not only do settlements but also provide credit and lending facilities. The icing on the cake is that Wanchain connects all blockchains with its interoperability features.
So for newbie and hodler stay tune there is indeed something big in Hodling.


Hell yeah Wanchain is some awesome project and interoperability looks like the next new big thing in blockchain.
If you like check out this post I did a few days back it's about Wanchain ;)