Falcon Coin Lending Platform Review

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With all the hype surrounding cryptocurrency lending platforms and the frightening exit scams of Bitconnect and others should anyone be investing even small amounts of money in this volatile space? Here in this video I take a quick look at Falconcoin and hope to point out some of the positives of this new cryptocurrency. Please don’t take my advice or anyone's for that matter, do your own due diligence and come to a wise conclusion based on your financial situation and please don’t blindly invest in anything! Hope this video helps you make an informed decision.

Check out Falconcoin website, using this link helps me out and I really do appreciate it: https://dashboard.falconcoin.co/referral/surgeo

Intro from the Falconcoin homepage...


Receive daily interest when investing in our volatility software while also getting bonus interest based on the overall investment in the lending platform.


A new and innovative concept which will allow our members to keep an eye on the overall performance of the business. Shield is designed to protect members long term and build trust throughout the community, just one of our core missions at Falcon.


Coming February 2018, you’ll be able to earn up to 180% staking Falcon Coins.

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