BTC update : Crypto Markets zoom Ahead

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Just when you thought the heady 2017 days where double digit gains in alts was the norm , have passed , crypto markets bucked the recent market trends and sent digital assets hurtling upwards as most major cryptocurrencies saw double-digit gains. Bitcoin, has risen parabolically during a market-leading move that has lasted, in its most intense form, for nearly a week.

As of today, BTC is finally experiencing something that looks like a pullback to the $7800 range. However, do consider that the current price flight kicked off in the low $5000s and culminated in an $8200 orbit around the moon. Calling this a pullback doesnt seem to sit right !!

After the last week at Consensus, blockchain’s biggest conference, we are incredibly bullish about the adoption phase that’s beginning to play out for blockchain and Bitcoin in particular.

Major retailers like Starbucks, Whole Foods, Nordstrom, and Home Depot are now accepting cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH using a payment processor called Flexa. The partnership marks a watershed moment for cryptocurrency as a payment method and could well represent a turning point for this seemingly nascent industry.

With Bakkt and Fidelity Investments moving closer everyday to their goal of launching their game-changing products while people around the world begin to give crypto a second look, the sky does truly seem to be the limit . Bitcoin’s growing price reflects its maturation as both a network and a currency while it increasingly looks to be going mainstream in the finance world.

Ethereum, the world’s #2 digital asset, is clsely following on the heels of BTC and is seeing a price spurt as investors regain confidence in its premise as a world computer and defacto public blockchain. Microsoft recently released a developer toolkit for building apps on Ethereum which does seem to be a clear sign of crypto entering the mainstream..

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