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Peeps! Apologies for the huge Steemit hiatus.

In today's video, which is a POWERHOUSE video, I discuss the Top 5 'Under radar' coins which could be amazing buys at the end of this bear market in preparation for an aggressive bull market.

Let me know what you think of these coins in the comments, and let me know what alternatives you offer as great buys.

Also smash an upvote in appreciation - I would be very grateful!

Much love,



Hey mate, glad to see you back!

Just what we need, more alt coins. They deposit zero $ into the market, and cash out millions. As long as they give some free coins to “influencers”, they will continue to slowly drain the market, regardless of what they offer. The only thing they have to do is create a coin, pay some influencers, and get listed on an exchange. Then trade their free coins for btc or eth and cash out. This is happening faster than new money is entering.

Smash those upvotes for suppoman glad to see you on steemit been following u on youtube and twiter for a while love your analysis man thanks.

Super suppoman

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For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is 8231.50USD

Very informative as always @suppoman
Keep it man

Nice to see your video after a very long time,thanks for your analysis suppoman 🤓

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