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Today, me, Boxmining and Crypto Daily came together (not literally) to create a pilot episode of a potential new Cryptocurrency show!

Our show is split into segments - news, ICOs, Crypto YouTubers, favourite coins and plans for the show.

Check out this video and leave an upvote and comment on what you thought!

Much love,



Oh nice! Support your show! It will be a good show!



Here's my analysis on STEEM, some value for you guys:

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 11.20.10.png

That would be super cool!

Nice Work !! Appreciated !

pls check this out and upvote me for a follow and i will upvote all your posts

Good job have a nice day.

nice post

Great to see three of my favorite talking-heads in this space collaborating! How about roping Crypto Investor ( into the show as well? I like his cool-headed approach, though he's less of a seasoned presenter, I think.

Suppo, promo product idea: we need your big dumb head (as owner of a BDH myself, I mean this in the most loving way possible) on a bobblehead, and maybe even with an alarm or at least a push-button activated sound byte that says, "WELCOME!! ..." It'd be annoying as hell, but I'd buy it for kicks. I can just imagine it in the hands of my toddler (WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME!).

suppoman talks very loud if you hear the 2 other talk

nice to see the community connecting! go ahead! new follower here!! @suppoman

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