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Watch my interview with the CEO of Vice, an Cryptocurrency project looking to disrupt the porn industry.

In this video, I ask important questions to establish if this ICO could be one of the biggest opportunities this month and this year!

You may find the audio of the CEO a little quiet but you should enjoy nonetheless!

If you like it, don't forget to upvote and let me know your opinion on Vice!

Much love



Very interesting.. how would someone invest in this ICO? Are U.S. citizens allowed to participate?

@suppoman Im your big fan! Checkout this new cryptocurrency.. I think it have great potential...

Can you give us your opinion? Thanks :) Your the best! 🏆

I have heard that all steemit users get a free airdrop of Vice coins. Does anyone know more about it? How to claim them?

Getting paid to watch porn! People will be quitting their day jobs!!

Make sure to turn up the volume. :)

That will be great...

I've been watching this ICO stuff from afar so always interesting to see new information and insights. I'm watching the video right now. You carry yourself well but it's unfortunate about the audio levels of your guest. I'll have to come back and watch with some headphones. Already, though, you've posed some interesting questions. :)

It's not exactly Steem based mate. I chatted to the admins in the Vice chat group about whether they were using the Steem blockchain and the Smart Media Token and they said no, they are building their own separate blockchain based on the same Graphene technology though.

The benefit to the Steem holders they said is that they will be doing an airdrop.

Seems people didn't smash up those likes.
Not sure what to think about the project itself tbh. It might be a huge trap for those that are already addicted to porn. (which is surprisingly many) You basically get money for watching porn or how is it gonna work exactly?

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