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In today's episode of Savage Crypto, I assess whether an exciting new Cryptocurrency called Internxt (INXT) is headed to the clouds!

I will be looking at the positives (why you may want to invest) and the negatives (why not) and then give my final star rating.

You'll also see the Suppoman effect happening live at 24 minutes. Enjoy...😱

There's also an opportunity to win 100 tokens of my number 1 Cryptocurrency! So make sure you do not miss out...

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Thank you for watching!

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Nice suppoman you keep making good videos good job big vote boost from the bitcoin montana hah:D

Sweet bro, thanks!

you are welcome bro greetings from the bitcoin company amsterdam:D soon we make some sick vlog together haha

Thank for another great review @suppoman, but sometimes the little exchanges have much less action and transactions are slow. It makes it hard if you want to buy or sell off sometimes.

also easy up easy down could be interesting, what do you think of OmiseGO (OMG) will have PoS "very soon" - Staking rewards

@suppoman first video I have seen of yours bro - you have definitely set a high standard.

Really good insight into Internxt I will need to read more into this.

Would be good to get you involved in a future episode of Crypto Nights - my new Steemit series.

Upvoted and followed.


Thanks mate, I appreciate that...

dang man never heard of that before, following you now

good post

Hey suppoman,
Thanks for the great content

great article bro...thanks for this.

Hey Suppoman...already bought my bitquence...follow you now!

Nice video! Thanks for sharing!

hi,suppoman,nice to read about you.
am jeevansantoshi from india,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed you.So,can also follow me.
Best of luck!

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