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In today's episode of Savage Crypto, I review a coin that my subscribers have been badgering me to cover - Cardano (ADA)!

Cardano recently entered the market via a listing on Bittrex and everyone is wondering what all the fuss is about. In this video, I uncover it all!

So in this episode I do my normal thing, I look at the reasons why you may want to invest, why you may not, and finally give my star rating out of 5 and if I plan to invest.

If you enjoyed this video, would you please upvote it and comment to let me know what you think of Cardano and if you plan to invest!

Thank you for watching!

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hey bro i wil give you some insane nice vote and follow from me:D check my blogs to:D


from last 4 days i don't see your post. Your post helps a lot bro


new vlogs posts in 2 days bro was pretty sick had cold

Cardano cool, but i might wanna know more about the staking

I got some etherum. It seems like many are trying to enter the smart contracts blockchain like EOS, WAVES, NEO, and now CARDONA. I haven't check if any more. I had some EOS but sold it and waiting for next year to buy it again. I believe in Dan Larimers that he will create a great smart contracts blockchain. I think that's the blockchain that will compete with Ethereum.

Hey @Suppoman I really enjoy your content and commentary (:
I mentioned you as one of my Top 7 Crypto-Youtubers who are also Steemians, check out the part where I mentioned you (: Glad you have you here on Steemit!

This may very well be the case. BUT...........
Why do we want the NEXT ethereum, or the NEXT Bitcoin. I think we should be more interested in finding the next revolutionary product that serves a purpose such as Bitquence or Powerledger.
If we have to benchmark a coin on something pre-existing it's more than likely never going to be as good as the original one.

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Hi ,
Thanks for the great content

Very good review on Cardona. Thank you Suppoman!

I have some cardano in my wallet. TKS