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Serious video today - how can you REALLY prosper in 2018 in Cryptocurrency?

This video will help you so much more than those ridiculous Top 3/Top 5 coins that will make you rich in 2018!

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Awesome! Love your videos, you always highlight hidden jems in crypto which are about to get exposed. Thanks for all the work!

Hi my Hero friend!😀 what do you think about Neblio?
Thanks for fast answer. I support you
I love your movies. Pozdrawiam!😀

Thanks for this info!

keep in touch man i am following you :)

Can your next video be about "HOW TO BE RICH USING THE DYING FIAT MONEY SYSTEM IN 2018?"... oh wait, nevermind since that's damn near impossible!

Haha good one

waooowww !! what a way you describe HOW TO BE RICH FROM CRYPTOCURRENCY IN 2018 .... you are amazing man <3 crypto will be future <3 whats your opinion ?? i wanna see more posts like these in future so i am following you now keep in touch

awesome vid, first found you on Udemy!then youtube now on Steemit.your content is vast and to the point.keep up the good work

Great information sir.. @suppoman

thank you so much

Great info, thanks superman!

XRP its well election?

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What do you think of the new Steemit attestation process Byteball has delivered? Other integrations have aleardy been delivered by Byteball such as those mentioned in this ICO post
bitcointalk topic=4934262.0
Reaching a critical mass of real world delivered infrastructure functionality on a highly scalable platform. Just waiting for a project big enough to show it off.

I watched that video Suppo, funny enough he couldn’t say anything bad about you, you came out looking sharp.

Love the fact you said that about ripple wasn’t expecting that

Yes interviews, the more you do the better you get

Good post,, very useful and useful ,, you are great

I know that one of your favorites is carVertical, but this is not the only one in this segment... What to think of clickAuto?

Been involved in Crypto’s since November. Love your videos. Keep up the good work :)

Great advice - good for decision making. We should all make our own choices based on DYOR!

I'm somewhat new to your content but I'm surprised that you recommended BitDegree, isn't it just a utility token for a closed platform? I prefer to invest in protocols (more scalable gains). I passed up on the BitDegree ICO for that reason. I see it is now priced at $0.02 (less than half the ICO price). I agree that most YouTube peeps are creating click bait unfortunately. You won't get 100-1000x gains for anything already in the top 10.

It depends on when you got into the crypto market. If you got into BTC, ETH, LTC, and a few other prominent ones (Dash, Monero, ...) for a while, you should continue to sit on them because their prices will continue to rise. However, if you want to get insane returns, hunt for undervalued coins and plunk down no more than $5,000 and spread your investments across 20-30 coins.