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The video says it all!

Nothing much else to say, except I hope all the people that have lost money get some form of compensation.

Much love,



Andddd like all ponzi schemes it ends in tears. Would love to hear from all the believers in this obvious shitcoin now.

I feel sorry for those who invested in bitconnect and suffered a loss. But this was expected to come one day. Luckily it didn't get big enough to shame the entire crypto world by creating headlines in mainstream media. Good that its out of the way.

Finally, This scam is going down. I feel sorry for those that lost their funds but they were probably warned a dozen times!

2 months ago, I published 2 deep analysis on the topic (the first one went Viral with 7k+ views) trying to warn new investors.

Take a look if you want to understand why it was OBVIOUS it was a Ponzi Scheme.

Take care my CryptoFriends!

It's completely incomprehensible to me that Bitconnect still has a market capitalization of nearly $ 400 million. A company without a business and without a serious business concept is valued at 400 million, you have to imagine that. That is one third of the market capitalization of Steem.

Michael one of your best videos!
I love your evil smile! 😉

Overdue and a reminder for due diligence as you always and other credible industry personalities say. Upped and resteemed.

@suppoman Great work man!
I'm sad for those who lost their money but I'm happy that no people no more are going to be attracted to the platform by youtubers who just want to earn referral commissions ! I respect you so much for always trying to warn people about it! Sadly all the warns where considered fud.
I also wrote a post about the subject, if you have some time your opinion would be appreciated :)

Quick warning:

Travon James and Craig Grant are back on steem pretending nothing happened and where on the trending page some days ago!

I'm still watching your video while I cook my dinner! Lol that Ico was really a joke, LOL. And those DDO'S atacks were probably for them to take time to dump their own coins before everyone else!

ddos attacks are complete bullshit. There are services for websites to block these types of attacks.. All of it was just an excuse


Hilarious bitconnect promoter guy!! gotta watch it! lol
Carlos from NY - Bitconnect Annual Ceremony 10/28/2017

I was really close putting in a big chunk of my investment portfolio into bitconnect back in December when I started with crypto. Dodging bullets baby :)

RIP bitconnect and RIP all believers, including myself.

Luckily I only invested what I was prepared to lose.

Bitconnect was the example for all lending-platforms.
This Bitconnect scam makes other lending platforms lose all credibility in my opinion,
so I'm afraid we won't see any platform take over unless the platform explains why it could be sustainable.

Anyway I don't see it happening, feels bad.

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