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In today's live episode of Savage Cash, I talk about the EXPLOSION of Bitcoin in the last 24 hours - going from $13k to $16k! At the same time, alts bleed!

I discuss why the alts are bleeding while Bitcoin is thriving, and suggest what you can do at this time!

This is hopefully an informative and entertaining video, infused with some authentic Suppoman honesty!

If you liked it, smash the upvote button and let me know what you're doing with your Crypto!

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when will bitcoin calm down...


Waiting for it to calm down ever since it reached 10k...

SBD = £7!!




ETHOS is looking joocy. Excited for next year.

Friend has a tutorial on how to withdraw for less commission in bittrex?

The real bloodbath is now.. This could just be the perfect time to buy alts...

Have been waiting for correction since it surged past 6k, thought this was the blood bath and lowest it will be go for alts when 10k was crossed and again entered to pick up 'cheap' alts a day or two back only to get REKT again with this massive rally. My ratio of BTC : ALTs is so lopsided towards alts. So just cannot afford to spend any more BTC for altcoin shopping anymore. I know this might be a good chance to pick up great coins for change but totally our of corn! Have to sit this one out. I'm not sure if I should buy BTC anymore even though I have put some money in my USD wallet and have been waiting since 8k ... surely a correction HAS to come? Or maybe Xmas and New Year will come and go as I keep waiting :(

I have 1 doubt... everyone is talking about loosing satoshis value with the pump of BTC, but if you are an altcoins trader, what happen if you dont trade with any BTC and use ETH instead??... buy ETH with fiat, buy alts with ETH, make profits and earn more ETH and cash out to fiat from ETH directly... i think is better, ETH is a little bit steady than BTC, and less volatile, just speaking about do trading in altcoins with ETH... what do you think?

Hello Suppoman! You are the hero of the episode "What if...?" Check on You guys are also invited.