BTC Spam attack. 200,000 unconfirmed transactions halts bitcoin

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There's a spam attack going on where they are paying the highest fees to halt the network. Bitcoin developers delivered but we're still waiting on miners and spammers holding the chain hostage. Not paying highest fee takes transactions 10+ hours to get confirmed.

Here's what its looked like for the last week.

I'm losing a bit of faith in the network being able to scale. I think we got mining fees figured out ($10 to get previous normal tx times)... but block times and size seem to be the topic of debate.

How will we get out of this? Will the attacks continue? Is segwit going to happen? What about tx size?

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If Bitcoin starts to lose value, miners will get together and agree on a strategy, until then Bitcoin is really only becoming a store of value, clogged TXs are ok if you dont want to use it as a currency.

it just took me literally 18 hours to send btc. DGB is gaining like crazy. XRP is pumping. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO

Yep, that XRP centralized pump... is this real life?

Who is responsible for the spam attack?

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