Ultra - A game distribution platform on EOS? Steam on the Blockchain.

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This is going to be short post as it there is quite a lot of hype out there at the moment as to what this is.

First what it isn’t –

  • It is not on EOS
    There is no ICO, Airdrop or Airgrab
    Tokens are not intended to be investments
    Tokens are not intended to be listed on exchanges.

Now what it is –

  • A game distribution service similar to Steam and the various play stores
    It is on a FORK of EOS. It is their own blockchain based on EOS called Ultra protocol.
    Tokens are used within game ecosystem.
    You earn tokens for reviewing games playing betas etc
    A lot cheaper for developers. Steam, Playstore etc charge 30% commission on all sales. Ultra plans to charge 15%
    Provide tools to port games from Steam, Playstation, Xbox, etc.

There are other game distribution platforms being set up but what makes this one interesting is that it is going to be using EOS tech although it is not actually on the EOS blockchain.

The team is pretty good too. For example the CTO is the former CTO of Dell. Plow through the list and you will have heard of a lot of the companies they worked for Barring the founders who were at a Chinese game distributors. Based in Paris/France and Tallinn/Estonia.

The closed beta is due to start this quarter which is probably why there is a buzz starting. If you want to get involved and earn some Ultra coins it is probably a good idea to subscribe to the newsletter.

The Whitepaper is here. It’s an easy read which makes a change.

The Ultra website here.

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This post can also be found on Trybe. This sits on the EOS blockchain and is similar to STEEMIT though it focuses on blockchain. You will get 100 tokens just for signing up

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cool its a shame its not on the mainnet, but ill be checking it out, its going to be tough to take over steam tho link me to your tybe post i cant find it :S


Yeah I would have thought so. Half the price though. Means same games will be cheaper. Incidentally did you know that Overwatch is effectively only $12 on Humble Bundle for the next couple of days?


Is it . i have seen some game play of it. It looks ok. Atm im away from my gaming pc :s so cant play games like that anyway. Atm playing trails fusion on ps4 its soo good .