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While I was wondering what happened to investments, Noia I came accross this on Coingecko


Bitshares 136

Ardor 137

Komodo 138

TerraKRW 140 - what?????

yUSD 141

Swipe 142

NuCypher 139 - was wondering where you had gone :)

Syntropy 143

Steem 144

Ultra 145

Now I know it is Christmas time and people can find themselves making quite a few mistakes when they start to slide off their chairs from too much Christmas "cheer" but this is automated stuff churned out by computer servers. Who knew that they could get out of their tree? Or even that they could get in one.

So if you can't find your favorite investment just remind yourself that Coingecko has an alternative way of doing things and it might be located somewhere else. 1, 2, 8, 19, 4, 67, 823 etc

Ps. It seems that Noia got renamed to Syntropy. Noia seemed like a perfectly good name beats me while they would want to change it just as the price sky rocketed and they were getting name recognition. Name change caused a big price fall presumably as no one knew where to find Noia (like me) - Shocka.

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