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RE: Top 5 Wanchain Features For Investors and Users

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Great post @davidhay. Very interesting read about Wanchain. I have a couple questions:

  1. Where would I need to go to get some wancoin before it hits the exchanges?
  2. Wanchain seems to have some similar features to those planned by Cardano. Would you say that the Wanchain will bring these features to market before Cardano?

Thanks again for your quality content both here on Steemit and on YouTube. I am a regular reader and viewer of your content. Keep doing what you are doing, it's great!


Thank you.

A reliable source of Wancoin is unavailable at the moment. It was being traded on EtherDelta, but those where ERC20 tokens sold during the ICO. Unfortunately, if you purchase those ERC20 tokens you wont be able to swap them for the actual Wancoins unless your email address matches the one used to purchase them during the ICO. They should announce when the Wancoins will be available for purchase on an exchange via there official telegram announcement channel:

It is unclear which project will be fully up and running first. Or which features will be prioritized over others during the roll out of each Blockchain. There are some similarities between the two projects as you've pointed out. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Awesome thank you for the Telegram Announcement Channel, I have joined the channel so will be able to keep up to date on their progress.

It is very interesting to see what happens. I am so keen to see how the cross-chain transactions works. There are a number of projects working on it, it will be such a game changer if someone can get it right.

I look forward to your next post and video.

I have the same questions :)

Thanks for your quality content @davidhay

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