Binance Is Now Accepting New Users - But Hurry Because It Will Be Limited [crypto-currency]

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Now Accepting Applications


For those new to the crypto-currency world, is an exchange for crypto-currency. They are one of the top exchanges for trading crypto's but lately, they have had to cease accepting new users to their platform. This was due to server overload causing the exchange performance issues. Binance has done some infrastructure updates to their network, and will continue to improve their exchange.

For this reason, Binance suspended new user registrations. They have now announced that new user registrations will now be accepted, but in limited amounts. They will allow for daily registrations in limited quantities, and for limited hours. They do not plan on announcing the hours when registration is open, so you must be vigilant in order to register.

They have also announced that the selling of Binance User Accounts is against their User Policy, and any breach will be cause for suspension/freezing of such accounts. I know people have been tempted to sell their accounts, and have seen some sell for as much as 0.5 Bitcoin. Please remember this is not allowed and could cause loss of funds.


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I literally just seen this on twitter. Too bad my friends who want to jump on the crypto train are probably in la-la land right now. Hopefully they've still got a chance later today.


check your post out now @savagesteemit and your comment, I gave them a little midas touch...hehehehe


Your blessing is much appreciated!


wow.... streetstyle... your midas touch will really touch my heart right now....lolzz.


Begging for the vote reduce its power by 33% xD

its nice they have their own crypto :)

Also wrote about this and kucoin recently and yes, everyone should jump in it!!


Hey @razvanelulmarin And yes, I seen your posts....

full steem ahead!

Thanks for posting this. I didn't realize they were opening up registration again, even on a limited basis.

You have a new follower.

Damn it.... Why I see it now... :(( .... I just try... they not want me.

Thanks for the info

Wonderful joined in ;)
time to trade :D

Great! Good news.. Going for registration.. Thanks..

WOW. this is a good way to kick off the week. calling all my guys now to jump into the band wagon. noowwww. haha

Hey, why don´t you post your referral link. You will earn free money from all transaction the users will make ;)


I notice man put referral links regarding many types of accounts but it seems that there are some haters out there so I try to not feed them.... anyhow, thanks for the idea and support.

There are a lot of tokens in Binance that I want, so I'm already there ;)

Yeah, a few days ago @kevinwong told me something about difficulty with registration.
So it's actually limited hmmm...

This is excellent news...thanks for sharing very useful information @streetstyle

Pls shed more light on how to register on it because am very much interested in it

I did not know they were opening the registration again, even on a limited basis, I'm a new member

now open...and accept it....
that's cool

thank you


You were able to get in @shawn4745 ?

A good trading platform seems gold now, smaller exchanges working on max capacity are getting slow . so there is indeed a big chance for binance to take over the lead

This is great news... Let me register now! Thanks for the share

Hey @streetstyle
yes @streetstyle must be vigilant in order to register.
there, i just registered on steem and bitcoin. i gave you an upvote. I've been reading your posts for a daily now. Keep up the good work.


nice i m ready let me tell my frnds

thanks for sharing very useful information @streetstyle

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Good information

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Thanks will join now

Hi Matt. So you actually can join right now.
By the way, how's your health? I hope you're doing well.

really nice posr tnx for share

Do you use this binance? Is it any good?

Wonderful joined in.
Thanx for the information. Upvoted.

I better hurry before it's too late for me. Gonna sign up now. Thanks for the great post @streetstyle. I like your style =D

so, now they are going to a limited users policy to maintain there server.

Great informational news.
Some of the information was unknown thanks
Nice post .
its related to bitcoin.
its a really informational post.
thanks for share.

It's time to trade for new users .. bt I was lucky I made it eailer

I know someone who tried to sell his account . he said he has like 3 account on binance and i couldn't help wondering why someone would do that . but thanks for the heads up. will infor some peeps i now who want to reg

Yes! I just got in. Now to go to work! What's looking good?

really it is good news for new commer, i am also new one,, but today i will try to sign up on binnace ,, hope i will get my account,,, thanks for this great news , you are great,,, again thanks,,,

it would be fun to trade there because they are the no 1 exchange currently