Crypto's "Superman III" problem

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

You remember Superman III from the 1980's? The one where Richard Pryor plays the hapless "Gus Gorman" in what is probably the weakest of the Christopher Reeves Superman trilogy? Just to remind you.

A similar scam was dreamt up in cult classic "Office Space"

Bitfinex recently started charging (or should I say gouging) for deposits recently, so I decided to check out and head for a mix of Binance/ Huobi/ HITBTC and . After I'd finished my Bitfinex bail out, I noticed there was a little bit of loose change still lying around I couldn't access.

That's nearly $25 of coin value! If Gus Gorman could figure out how to get all those little decimal places out of the exchanges he's be richer than Croesus.

For the record, I want that $25 back.

Oh and just for shits and gigs, check out this awesome scene from Superman III, it's aged beautifully dont you think?


Awesome post, and yes both those movies are awesome (Office Space is one of my all time favorites). I also noticed this on my Bittrex account since the minimum trade value was increased a while back and the BTC price has risen since then, so right now you can't trade any values lower then ~$10, so I have a bunch of fractions of coins on the exchange that I can't really do anything with.

Hey budz82, I wondered if it might be worth offering a "cleaning service" and buy abandoned accounts for half the coin value, might work if you moved something like Ethereum classic into an exchange and "moppd up" the dregs.. too much to do and too little time to be fucking with that crap I guess....

I use Binance and I am happy with them so far. Buy the BNB coin and switch your fees to use the coin it gives you 50% off the fees!

Agree, I'm a big fan of binance