A coin that'll go at least *3 soon

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

SONM (SNM) is a coin currently languishing in the doldrums of the second page of Coinmarketcap, unloved and unwanted, however there may be a bright future for this little known coin.

The SONM project is effectively a decentralised supercomputer architecure on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to sell computing power to endusers for the purposes of crypto mining, rendering, machine learning and scientific research (amongst others). In other words it has a solid use case ;-).

Being the "Manic Miner" myself, I find this project noteworthy, as coins such as SONM and GOLEM offer a roadmap to selling computer resource post-Ethereum, but I digress.


It can be seen that marketcap is starting to climb but price action hasn't caught up yet.

With a low marketcap, compared to some of the more exposed coins of late, and a total supply of 444,000,000 this coin has plenty of room to run (for comparison, Golem, which is in a similar niche to SONM, trades at 3* the price with 2* the total supply, or put another way, Golem is valued 6* higher than SONM).

There's quite a bit on the short term horizon for SONM for traders looking just to make a quick profit, including an outing at Cloud 28 with IBM, which is certain to raise profile.

From Cloud28 webpage:

"Cloud28+ is the world’s largest independent community, promoting cloud services and knowledge sharing. It serves end customers, cloud service providers, solution providers, ISVs, systems integrators, distributors, and government entities dedicated to accelerating enterprise Cloud adoption."

A new GUI interface is scheduled for the end of March and the Github page ( https://github.com/sonm-io) looks extremely active. The SONM testnet is also now live.

If there's one thing I'd say about this coin is that the team appear a bit unproven and anonymous, and I don't see any high profile advisors.

That aside, I'm confident SONM will do *3-10 in 2018 and I've taken a position.