SM73 Blockchain NEWS: [EN] - Participating in challange helps you earn


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[EN] -In STEEMIT you can earn a few more STEEMs by following the SteemBlog user and participating in the various "challenges" that the blog offers. If you compose a post following the instructions provided by SteemBlog, you will receive an "upvote" of some relevance from "steemcurator01"

[IT] - In STEEMIT si può guadagnare qualche STEEM in più seguendo l’utente SteemBlog e partecipando ai vari “challange” che il blog propone. Se si compone un post seguendo le istruzioni fornite da SteemBlog, si riceverà un “upvote” di una certa rilevanza da “steemcurator01”

source: SM73

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