🙄 You just have to wonder about the crypto market...

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago

This is not the early days of crypto with only a handful of "currency" class tokens like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Crypto covers a much wider spectrum now beyond simple alternatives to FIAT, including utility-based tokens like STEEM, EOS, SCR, and the new WLS token on Whaleshares.io! So why must they always follow grandpa Bitcoin?

I made this MEME from a drawing of lemmings jumping off a cliff I found on google images, because this is EXACTLY what the trading mentality of cryptos appears to be.

It goes along with the MEME I made months back to poke fun at the crazy unjustifiable swings in volatility.

If you have created your own MEMEs about crypto, feel fee to share them in the comments. Or if you share your favorites you found, just note you didn't come up with it yourself. ;-)

~ PowerPics

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Bears are happy swimming in the bearish river, the bull looking for strength for the Criptos to follow up


Hey Feliz :-) I was looking forward to that nice slow and steady rise we were having the last week. Then BOOM! It all tanks again.

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It is a really cool crypto meme you have made!

They all "dump" because their prices are always expressed in BTC, if BTC drops it's normal than EOS/BTC, ETH/BTC, NEO/BTC, etc drop as well.