BEWARE OF CRYPTO PHISHING EMAILS - My Personal List of Spam, Fraud & Hack Attempts

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

I've been trading Cryptocurrencies for quite some time now and also run several Social Media Accounts that promote Blockchain Technology, which has cemented my presence on the World Wide Web,as you can find me all over the internet on various Platforms, Forums and Websites.

Whenever you sign up and disclose personal information, you're essentially trusting third-party application to secure and store that information, this makes you vulnerable to fraudulent criminals who try their best to steal in hopes of making Capital Gains.

While I'm not easily fooled by these attempts, I can however understand how others might become victim to some of these elaborate Fraudulent attempts. You might not be stupid enough to fall for those Nigeria Prince Emails that promise Millions of Dollars to be deposited via your Bank Account but there are some people out there that have the technical know-how to & interests to steal your Cryptocurrencies

You might lose access to your Exchange Account, once Hackers have your Information. Since, I'm so active on the World Wide Web it has made me a Victim to these attempts, hence this post will be updated over time, expect to witness all the phishing Emails that I receive via my Email Inbox

Poloniex Phishing Email


Emails leads me to Poloniex ( Clearly, it's not the same as the Original Poloniex Website)

Bittrex Phishing Email


Looks like the real deal here! However check out the Link ''''

Be careful and skeptical when it comes to Emails that redirect you to a Crypto Exchange Page! Check the Link, Layout and verify the sender email first

Some Hackers spend the whole day, trying to make your life a living hell. Don't even bother clicking the Link as it's the best way to avoid phishing attacks. Be careful, when it comes to emails requesting for personal information, it's best to always remain skeptical. If you get this type of email: Don't even bother clicking on any external links or provide personal information until you've confirmed the email is real.

My best Advice: Bookmark a Crypto Exchange Website Link and if you do receive an email ignore it because it's an industry practice to not send out sensitive emails, you might receive a notice especially if there are changes made to the terms & condition but you won't be requested to sign-in from a redirect link.

Educate yourself & stay Safe online

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This is a big problem.
I think they will have to implement a two steps verification process and so' if you enter with your password and don't receive the second step, run and change your password.


You definitely need 2-Factor Verifications. Losing Access to your Email online is super easy, so this might be the best way to secure your Account. Use 2 Step Verification via your Mobile Device as a extra Security Measure. A lot of people are going to become Victims to fraudulent Hackers because they don't take Online Security serious, this is definitely a big problem in today's Society

Thanks for sharing , We need more eye opener like you.

Thanks for the heads up. I haven't received any of these yet. Out of curiosity are there also emails like this promoting ICO's?


There are plenty for sure! Seems like many even fall victim to Airdrops, anything that lures you to click on the link will have consequences, some Criminals know how to retrieve all the data from you. Even a PC Virus like CryptoNight can plague your Computer

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