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Twitter is a fast player. Less than two weeks, the social media giant announced plans to develop new policies that could result in cryptic and ICO-related ads being ultimately banned on its platform. Bitcoin entrepreneurs everywhere have found that they may have a bit of time, and the changes are not expected to take effect sometime in early April.

In addition, Twitter has also been reported to have banned advertisements for cryptocoretory exchanges, although there are exceptions to the rules.

Executive speculation has come to an end when the ban on cryptographic marketing strategies has had a full effect on March 27, 2018. Twitter and Twitter are the third major Internet Google Twitter to announce such a ban. The industry has been questioned in the long run.

"We are committed to the safety of the Twitter community," the company confirmed in the announcement The Verge. "Therefore, we have added a new approach for Twitter ads related to cryptocurrency." In this new approach, the announcement of early Coin Offering (ICOs) and token sales is prohibited worldwide. "

Twitter also announced that endorsing campaigns for Google Cryptocorte Exchanges and Digital Valet Services.

"We know that this kind of content is often associated with deception and fraud, with organic and payments, and we are carrying out many signs by deceiving others of these types of accounts," the company said in Bloomberg.

After the announcement, the price of bitcoin fell by more than 7 percent. At press time, the currency was trading for about $ 7,900 - about $ 700 less when the weekend stands on week 25 on March 25.

Speaking to TechCrunch, a Twitter spokesperson said, "Continuing and improving its new policies" while "growing industry."

The attitude of Twitter and actions towards Cryptocorrence undoubtedly led to pain and success on stage. A few weeks ago, the company began removing accounts that were thought to be fraudulent portfolios or personalities of prominent non-cryptographic individuals such as Vitalik Beutirin and John McAfee. This eventually led to serious problems like real people - not their counterparts - instead forbidden.

At the same time, however, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey has given Bitcoin some of its highest praise in recent years. In an interview with The Times, Dorsey is confident that in 10 years, Bitcoin will stand as the "single" currency in the world and that other fiat or other forms of real money are not in use.

"The world will eventually have a single currency," he said. "The Internet has the same currency and I personally believe that it is bitcoin."

Later, Bitcoin commented that there was no way to provide "efficient" cash for all, the technology behind Bitcoin in the future would make it more accessible to people, citing general volatility as its slow transaction speed, expensive business fee and the main problem to overcome.


here we go anti-decentralize....

Is this a new ICOM

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