Bitcoin ‘BAN’: Crypto price could plummet TODAY as Twitter delivers shocking market BLOWsteemCreated with Sketch.

Bitcoin's price can be slashed today after announcing the surprising market by Twitter, which dramatically changes the cryptocurrency value of values and sends fears that can be driven by investors.

Social media has announced that Cryptocurrency Advertisements for Titan Early Coin Offerings (ICOs) will be banned from today.

In a statement, the company said: "We've included a new way for Twitter ads related to cryptocurrency.

"In this new policy, the ICOs and Token sales announcement are banned worldwide."

ICO tokens, exchanges or wallets affects advertising ban.

However, public companies listed on the largest stock markets do not damage Twitter.

A spokeswoman for the social network said "decision to ensure the safety of Twitter community" has been taken.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has previously identified account scams in cryptocurrency sphere.

The move from the social media giant further destroys problems for Bitcoin and its price increases.

Bitcoin’s price has gone into free fall over the last month with the virtual currency shaving off a shocking $1,486.77 (£1,044) from its value.

The stark decline marks a fall of 15.39 per cent.

Bitcoin is currently selling for $8,171.52 (£5,742) at the time of writing.

Last week, the cryptocurrency went on.

In the past seven days, Bitcoin values have fallen by $ 323.98 (£ 227).

Slow prices are now the trend in the crypto sphere.

Rival cryptocurrency Ethereum has dropped by a whopping 41.49 per cent over the last month.

This massive drop marks a price plunge of $345.91 (£242) and has surely given investors vital reasons to worry.

Cryptocurrencies are susceptible to large fluxes in price due to the volatility of the market.


For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is 7894.00USD

Market fluctuations have an impact on the way websites work

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